December 3, 2023

8 Best Digital Marketing PLR Courses

digital marketing plr courses

We often find many sites that offer PLR Video Courses on different topics, such as email marketing, copywriting, coaching, building online businesses, make money online, etc. However, many of these products could be better, as they only contain general information of low value.

Fortunately, I found PLR products created by a real online business expert, and these PLR video courses are already proven and sold for several thousand dollars.

In the following sections of this blog, I will explain how you can acquire the best digital marketing PLR courses.

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What is PLR Digital Marketing courses?

PLR products, or Private Label Rights courses, are pre-made courses, often in digital format, that are designed to be resold by individuals or organizations as their own. These courses come with the rights to rebrand, edit, and modify the content and sell them under your own brand name, and keep all the profits for yourself.

PLR courses can be a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, educators, coaches, and other professionals who want to offer their own courses without having to create everything from scratch. They provide a starting point for creating and launching a course, saving time, effort and money.

PLR video courses are usually available in niche topics and are sold in a variety of formats, including video courses, ebooks, audio courses, and other digital products. They can be found on PLR marketplaces or from individual sellers.

What are the advantages of acquiring PLR courses

There are several reasons why someone might choose to buy PLR digital marketing courses:

Time-saving: Creating a digital marketing course from scratch can be time-consuming. With a PLR course, you can save time by having most of the content already created for you.

Cost-effective: Hiring a digital marketing expert to create a course for you can be expensive. With a PLR course, you can get quality content at a fraction of the cost.

Customizable: PLR video courses are designed to be customizable, so you can tailor the content to your specific audience or business needs.

Quick to market: With a PLR course, you can quickly create a digital product to sell or use for your own business without having to start from scratch.

Expert-level content: Many PLR products are created by industry experts, so you can benefit from their expertise without having to hire them directly.

8 Best Digital Marketing PLR Courses

If you have worked with PLR products before, you will agree that finding quality PLR video courses is a bit tricky. Not many sites offer video courses that show real value.

Many times, the content of the products only has generic videos accompanied by narration with information that can be found on Youtube. This does not bring any value, and selling them is only possible if you resell them as another PLR product.

But among so much searching, I did find PLR done-for-you courses created by Internet Business expert Aurelien Amecker, who earned millions of dollars with his online business.

 digital marketing plr courses creator
Aurelien Amecker: Digital marketing PLR courses creator

Who is Aurelian Amecker?

Aurelian Amacker, a serial entrepreneur and online marketer, is the founder of, an all-in-one marketing suite. He is fluent in French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese and resides in Lisbon, Portugal, a popular location for online entrepreneurs.

Aurelian started his marketing journey by creating a personal development blog and then launched his own course on how to make money through blogging using a JV launch model. In just two weeks, he earned a staggering €550,000. This prompted him to create more courses all focused on Digital Marketing. After a few years, he shifted his focus to creating his own software.

He was attracted to the idea of recurring revenue and building a business with an actual valuation. In 2016, Aurelian came up with the idea of developing a full marketing suite and funnel builder, which eventually led to the creation of

It took over a year to find the right development team, but in 2018, was launched to the public. Today, the platform generates over $400k in monthly revenue.

Aurelien’s PLR Marketing Courses Package

Aurelien has created several Digital Marketing and Online Business courses, many of which have made him thousands of dollars monthly, and recently he decided to offer a part of his courses in a PLR Courses Bundle, which are:

1. The New System to Launch an Online Business

best plr business courses
Digital marketing plr courses

Watch first Video Buy Only this Course (No PLR license)

Here’s the course content:

  • Part 1: Launch your high-ticket offer and make your first sales (26 min)
  • Part 2: Grow your business (build your audience, your team, create your sales funnels) (40 min)
  • Part 3: Scale your business (FB ads, affiliate programs) (24 min)
  • Bonus video: Facebook ads masterclass (48 min)

2. How to Write Copy that Sells

plr copywriting course
Digital marketing plr courses

Watch first Video Buy Only this Course (No PLR license)

If you were looking for a PLR copywriting course this is the best one you will find on the web.

Here’s the course content:

  • Intro: The method of writing high-converting copy that sells (8 min)
  • Step 1: Conducting research and planning to succeed. What to research before writing a word of copy (11 min)
  • Step 2: Getting it done. How to write a sales page that sells (34 min)

3. The financial Freedom Formula

plr done-for-you courses
Digital marketing plr courses: Financial Freedom Formula

Free Ebook Buy Only this Course (No PLR license)

This is a good PLR Financial education course.

Here’s the course content:

  • Intro: How he became a millionaire (and how you can too) (8 min)
  • Part 1: How to raise your intrinsic value (and your income) (44 min)
  • Part 2: How to become an entrepreneur and earn financial freedom (36 min)
  • Part 3: How to become an investor (business, real estate, stocks) (50 min)

4. Launch it! Create your course and sell it for up to $997 in the next 7 days

plr digital products
Digital marketing plr courses

Watch first Video Buy Only this Course (No PLR license)

Here’s the course content:

  • Introduction: The method of creating a course in 7 days and selling it for years (14 min)
  • Step 1: How to create a course that sells (find the perfect idea for your course and create it quickly) (44 min)
  • Step 2: How to craft an irresistible offer, launch your course successfully, and make your first sales (28 min)
  • Step 3: 7 methods that you can use to DOUBLE the number of sales and profits you make with your course (14 min)

5. Business coach: Turn 1h of Work a Week into $2,000 a Month

plr course marketing digital
Digital marketing plr courses

Watch first Video Buy Only this Course (No PLR license)

Here’s the course content:

  • Intro: How to make $2,000 a month by working just 1h per week as a business coach (25 min)
  • Part 1: How to make sales (36 min)
  • Part 2: How to guide your customers to success and start earning more (27 min)

6. How to Make your first $1,000 Online

plr marketing courses
Digital marketing plr courses

Watch first Video Buy Only this Course (No PLR license)

Here’s the course content:

  • Part 1: The classic way to make your first $1,000 (11 min)
  • Part 2: The new, faster way (consulting) (19 min)
  • Part 3: The easy way to launch a business (affiliate marketing) (11 min)

7. $60k in 4 weeks: Email Marketing made Easy

plr digital marketing course
Digital marketing plr courses

Watch first Video Buy Only this Course (No PLR license)

Here’s the course content:

  • Part 1: How to earn $30k in 1 week with your email list (11 min)
  • Part 2: How to earn the next $30k in 2 weeks (19 min)
  • Part 3: How to keep on earning from there (8 min)

8. How to Make $100 per Day with your Email List

plr done-for-you courses
Digital marketing plr courses

Watch first Video Buy Only this Course (No PLR license)

Here’s the course content:

  • Part 1: How to get 100 subscribers on your email list per day (23 min)
  • Part 2: How to convert new leads into customers (21 min)
  • Part 3: How to consistently make sales with your email list every week (17 min)

Is it affordable to buy these PLR Courses?

Currently, Aurelien is selling these courses through Email Marketing, and the truth is that they are selling very well. Using the Marketplace of its platform, we can see some quantities.

plr video courses
plr video courses

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Remember that these numbers only reflect the amount sold on this platform, but Aurelien has other sites and traffic sources where he is offering these courses to his community.

8 PLR Marketing Courses Package Pricing

The cost of the 8 video courses is $97, and this includes the PLR licenses and the materials to sell them.
It is an excellent opportunity to buy quality PLR products reasonably priced for future profits.

Get Yout PLR Video Courses Package Now!

Final Word

Overall, buying a PLR digital marketing course can be a great investment for those looking to save time and money while still providing valuable content to their audience.

It’s important to note that while PLR courses may provide content, it’s still up to the individual or organization to create their own marketing and sales strategies to promote the course and generate sales.

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