December 3, 2023

Best Video Hosting Sites

Best Video Hosting Site

In this article, I will talk about the Video Hosting service offered by Motvio, a Video Hosting software that has really caught my attention, because of the amount of privacy control functions that it gives to the user that other platforms do not offer.

What is Motvio?

motvio Video Hosting Review
Motvio Video Hosting Review

Motvio is a new video hosting and marketing platform that took the best features from Vimeo, Wistia, YouTube, and the top video hosting sites that exist.

It has many valuable features, more controls, and valuable analytical information about who is watching your videos – from where, for how long, and all that actionable information that helps you fine-tune your video marketing strategies and MAXIMIZE your profits.

On this new private video hosting platform, you will be able to upload your videos and then insert them into your blogs, websites, landing pages, and be able to use your videos in all the projects you have.

Motvio is one of the best private video hosting platforms and a great option if you want to host your videos outside Vimeo or outside YouTube and give a professional touch to all your projects.

All you have to do is:

  1. Upload your Video
  2. Customize
  3. Publish

Motvio inside (Demo)

Online Video Hosting Features of Motvio

One of the characteristics that I liked very much, is that unlike other platforms you will be able to host unlimited videos, other platforms only offer limited space, it can be a few Gigas, but with Motvio you get unlimited video hosting, therefore, you can upload all the videos you require.

Developers indicate that Motvio is a mix between Vimeo, Wistia, and Youtube, a fusion of all the best features of these platforms, and taking a look at Motvio, I have realized that it really has a lot of features and functions.

On websites of large companies many times when we want to see an article we enter a platform where we want to read an article or see a video about something in most cases if we want to see that video first we have to see one or more ads, well this we will be able to do on our websites thanks to Motvio, a feature that has personally fascinated me.

In the Dashboard, you have all the information of the subscribers, the number of views that each video has, etc.
You can edit the name and see all the information you have about the video.

Player Roll Action

Player Roll Action

The feature that has caught my attention the most is being able to put inside your videos a function called Player Roll Action, which is what YouTube does every time you want to see a video it puts an Ad, you can put a video of an ad in the middle of the video, also at the end or at the beginning because with Motvio you can do the same.

Capturing Email with Videos

Email Subcription with Motvio

You can integrate Motvio with any Autoresponder and block the Videos for the user to enter his email. It can be integrated with MailChimp, Aweber, Getresponse, Active campaign, with all the main ones.

The developers of Motvio are Cindy Donovan and David Farah, these developers have many products of very good quality.

Inside Motvio’s platform, we enter with our username and password. Once in the Dashboard, the platform is very intuitive; to upload our videos we click on Upload Videos here you choose the video you want to upload, depending on the size it will take more or less, Motvio transforms the video we have uploaded into multiple formats so that later you can choose the format you want.

When you click on the Share & Embed button you will be able to share your video through a link and you also get the embed code to be able to insert it in your sales letters, in your blogs, in your web pages, etc.

You will also have the possibility to insert your video as a Pop-up, as a Pop-over.

Add Advertising with Motvio

Add Ad with Motvio

Then, if we go to “All Collections” here you will be able to create video collections, group all your videos in themes, the only thing you have to do is create a new collection, put a name, and choose from all the videos that you want to belong to that collection

There are also the functions to delete video, add a Thumbnail image, create a playlist and share that playlist.

For people to see your complete videos you can add the auto-play function, hide the video controls such as forward and time between several of the functions.

Customize colors, modify the Player’s appearance, add Thumbnails, you have more privacy control.

Adding a Call to Action is something very interesting from Motvio, and then there is the analytics, the split testing is also very interesting because we can take up to 5 videos related of course to the same theme and see which of those 5 videos works better.

Motvio Pricing

Unfortunately, Motvio is not a free video hosting website since it has a cost that is within the reach of every user who wants to have a private video hosting server.

Motvio Bonuses

By acquiring a Motvio license you now have access to these bonuses that the developers are giving:

Bonus #1

Camtasia 9 Video Master Creation Course

($797 value)

Camtasia 9 makes video creation super easy whether you want to record simple video, presentation style with a program like Google Sheets, Powerpoint and more!

Bonus #2

Tik Tok Marketing

($297 value)

TikTok has now 500 million users desperate for fun and exciting content and this is a massive opportunity for you to promote your business!

This complete video course will show you how to create a successful marketing campaign on Tik Tok!

Bonus #3

FB Seeker Extractor

($597 Value)

Extract data from Facebook pages, groups, events, profiles and locations at the same time in seconds!

Collect emails, telephone, url, address in one click!

You can then filter data save it and easily export in excel, csv or pdf format.
Build a huge database of business contacts and use them to build custom audiences and launch profitable video ads!

Bonus #4

FB Ads Master Course

($397 value)

Learn how to master the FB advertising game quickly and easily!

We’ll show you how to crush FB ads and leverage the highly sophisticated ‘social snooping’ and ‘personal profiling’ technologies that Mark Zuckerberg brought to the table!

Bonus #5

Video Teaser Blueprint

($297 value)

Learn how to build amazing captivating video teasers to sell your video products! It’s a fact that selling information in the form of video courses is very profitable.

With this 10-part video series you will learn how to build teaser videos to sell your
teaser courses!

Bonus #6

FB Videoc Ad Templates

($497 value)

Get 8 different Facebook Ad templates you can use to create your own FB ads!

Comes with PSD versions of so you can quickly update the text or anything you want to make sure they’ll look great!

Bonus #7

Music Loops Pack 1

($299 value)

This music loops package contains 25 royalty-free music loops you can use it in yours or your clients video projects!

Bonus #8

Infographics Super Pack

($197 value)

One of the most important assets today for business owners is infographics.

This is a huge collection of high quality, evergreen, powerful infographics that you can use for your videos, ebooks, marketing materials, blog posts, product line, social media sites, and much more!

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