December 3, 2023

Builderall Alternative 2021 | No GrooveFunnels

builderall alternative

You may have already heard of Clickfunnels, Builderall, Kartra, or GrooveFunnels, but there is a Best Builderall Alternative that is slowly growing and has interesting features to create sales funnels that convert incredibly.

Selling products online and marketing your business digitally involve many elements.

Business owners need at least a website, a virtual host, a proper sales funnel creator and an email service platform.

If you really want to shine and drive a lot of sales, there are more factors to consider, such as membership plans, chatbots, and online video webinars.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to access all the tools and software needed to create and implement all these elements.

Financially and technically, managing multiple tools can be a nightmare.

Using multiple marketing platforms also means that you will need more logins and have to endure more learning curves, which will reduce productivity.

What is the best Builderall Alternative?

what is the best builderall alternative

Builderall has become the highlight of the software for website construction and sales funnel builder.

This is a multi-platform that promises “will be the last marketing tool you will ever need.”

So, what exactly is Builderall? Is it really as good as it claims? is an excellent alternative to Builderall, an all in one platform like Builderall

In this guide, we will discuss how Builderall and compare, their advantages and disadvantages, and why can be a better platform for your digital marketing and website building needs.

First, let’s review each of the Builderall and functions in detail.

Builderall vs Which is better?

It is worth noting that although Builderall and have similar functions (all-in-one marketing software), they are still very different platforms and they perform different functions.

In some use cases, one may be better than the other.

All in all, let’s take a look at how these two platforms serve as landing page building and digital marketing tools.

These are the two most common uses of the two platforms.

What is Builderall?

Builderall is a multi-page construction and sales funnel creation platform created by Erick Salgado around 2011.

The platform itself has seen many updates and versions.

In essence, Builderall combines many marketing tools into one platform.

The main tools include Canvas Funnel Builder (used to map and create the entire sales funnel through a drag-and-drop editor), Pixel Perfect Builder (another drag-and-drop generator that can be used to build websites and landing pages without coding knowledge), and Mailing Boss (E-mail auto-reply tool).

builderall features
Builderall tools

Of course, these main functions are just a few of the main tools in Builderall’s arsenal.

Some of Builderall’s features, such as the mobile app builder and others, don’t work well at all, and many marketers don’t make use of all the tools Builderall has, since essentially only those that are geared towards generating online sales are needed.

Builderall Pricing Plans

Builderall has 2 plans: There is the Premium Plan for $69 per month and the next plan is Funnel Club for $199 per month.

Currently, Builderall has a promotion to access the Premium Plan that fully enables you to all the tools of the platform for only $1 for the first 30 days, and then the fee is $69.

What is

Like Builderall, is an all-in-one marketing platform.

With, you can create a new sales funnel, write email marketing campaigns, send email marketing campaigns (and automate emails), use a single marketing platform to accomplish all the other things you might want to do.

The team behind understands that business owners and entrepreneurs who do not have strong technical skills need tools that are very easy to master.

With this in mind, the overall design of focuses on user experience and ease of use.

Some of the features of are:

  • Quick and easy sales funnel creation with a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Full email marketing tools, from email creation to automated email sending.
  • Membership site creation.
  • Webinar creation and hosting.
  • Top-tier customer support. Your questions will be answered in a day or less.
  • Send newsletters and automate follow-up emails.
  • Online course creation and organizing.
  • Blog creation and launching.
  • Affiliate program creation and management.
  • Affordable pricing plans. Pricing Plans currently offers three different plans.

These include a start-up plan of $27 per month, a webinar plan of $47 per month, and an enterprise plan of $97 per month.


Testimonials about

You can read our full review of everything you can do with Marketing Digital Tool

How Works

The main dashboard space is used to provide you with a snapshot of new leads and any new payments received in the last month or so.

In the right column of the information center, you can view all real-time updates.

These updates provide information about your prospects, contacts, and recent payments, including date, time, and corresponding channels. This can help users understand which channels bring the most potential customers.

In the drop-down navigation menu at the top, you can further browse your contacts, channels, blogs, automation rules, product sales and administrator accounts. You can also easily contact support through the top navigation menu.

Through the member dashboard, you can access information about sent leads, as a member’s total lifetime income, income snapshot, and income date filters.

In the “Funnel” section, you will access the “Funnel” builder to create all the funnels and lead magnets you need.

There are many other interesting places for users to explore, but the only way to truly understand what does is to try it out for yourself. currently provides a 14-day free trial for potential customers without using a credit card.

Through this trial, you will have enough time to explore all the wonderful elements and functions of and go beyond the (relatively small) learning curve. No risk, why wait?

Builderall Pros

As a page builder and marketing tool, Builderall has many important benefits.

  • Excellent canvas funnel generator with pre-made templates.
  • With Pixel Perfect Builder, you can easily modify and decorate the pages generated by Builderall in a single editor.
  • The platform itself is constantly being updated. Although many SaaS product updates are often lazy, the Builderall team is always looking for ways to improve each version and create new useful features.
  • Excellent membership program.
  • fair price.

Builderall itself is great, but also has its own unique features.

Systeme io Pros has a wide range of very useful features, including:

  • All-in-one spot for all marketing tools.
  • Wide variety of tools without being overwhelming.
  • Unlimited memberships, file storage, email sending, and funnels.
  • It can help its users reach their target audience on a broader scale.
  • No coding or technical skills required to use.
  • Create highly-structured classes and webinars with a Webinar plan.
  • Email and task automation.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Has a very minimal learning curve, which can be overcome during the free two-week trial.
  • Full marketing automation.
  • Easily build landing pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, and more.
  • Custom domain connection.
  • Access to up to 5,000 email subscribers.
  • Affiliate program capabilities.
  • Up to three membership sites.
  • Sale stats and enrollment stats.
  • Similar pricing options as Builderall, though just slightly more expensive.
  • Top-tier custom support.
  • One-on-one training for up to an hour to aid in initial use.

Now that we know what the pros of Builderall and are, let’s move on to some cons or downfalls of each platform.

Builderall Cons

Unfortunately for Builderall, some features of the platform are not as primitive as you might expect.

Although Builderall does have a large number of tools, none of these tools are the best in their class. They can work, but what they do is not the best. For example, compared with tools such as Manychat, their chatbots appear pale and weak.

Clumsy user interface (UI)

Some features are almost impossible to master. Although there are tutorials online, some features of Builderall lack sufficient tutorials.

Inconsistent and clumsy user experience (UX)

It is difficult to adapt at first and difficult to adapt. If Builderall focuses more on a few key tools, it will be easier for beginners to learn.

Unfortunately, Builderall includes so many tools and features that it can be frightening to appear on the dashboard for the first time.

Many commenters on the platform pointed out that due to the daunting and overwhelming nature of the platform, they ended their membership on the same day.

We want to be honest about the benefits of our platform. In order to harmonize and build our own reputation brand, we will discuss certain aspects of, which we know can be improved.

Systeme io Cons

As mentioned above, Systeme io focuses on what is essentially necessary to create a marketing campaign, therefore, it does not have many tools like Builderall.

Let us have a deeper understanding of why is a great Builderall alternative

Why is a better Builderall Alternative?

Both Builderall and have a large number of outstanding features that make it possible to create and manage a strong brand online image.

Although these two platforms can easily become the next Clickfunnels, it is important to see what Builderall does not, has it

First, is more user-friendly. Compared with Builderall, its lack of features account for a larger proportion of the general user experience. has a small learning curve, and it only takes about a day to master it.

Although Builderall has excellent features, it is a bit overwhelming and cramped, making it difficult to master.

Compared with, Builderall’s tendency to add many features seems to be an advantage, but many of the features of Builderall are rarely useful.

It would be even more beneficial if users had to choose to add other options at their convenience instead of being bombarded by all the features of Builderall at the time of subscription.

Although has fewer features, almost every included feature has use cases for almost all niche markets.

The only features that may have fewer use cases are class generators and webinar creators, both of which require their own specific membership to access.

As a platform, Builderall lacks a smooth interface, but there are still a lot of unresolved bugs.

Similarly, some features (such as application builders) are difficult to master.

Although Builderall does have a large user community, and they all have their own tutorials, it would be more convenient if you can easily access their features and find their features from the beginning.

This is another advantage of compared to Builderall.

There is a problem that templates are less than Builderall.

However, makes up for this small shortcoming by customizing the registration page function, where users can interact with experts to easily create top-level target pages or sales pages.

After all, is ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to create online courses and webinars, need automation capabilities and want to avoid a steep learning curve.

Even if lacks the features of Builderall, it is easy to master.

Quality not quantity! has thousands of customers in France using and enjoying our platform, and we believe that English-speaking customers will also be satisfied with their use cases.

With its ease of use, low monthly price, and rich features, can become an important part of your corporate marketing activities. has all the functions that all types of businesses need to start in one easy-to-access place.

Integrating Builderall with other platforms will be costly and will hinder production. With, you can get all the advantages of digital marketing software in one simple place.

Are you convinced that is the best Builderall alternative for building websites, web pages, and sales channels?

Please leave us a comment about your experience with sales funnel building tools.

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