December 3, 2023

Cloud Hosting whit CPanel for 5 Years

best cloud hosting with cpanel

When we talk about Cloud Hosting today there is a feeling of great confusion among people, even among professionals in the IT market, many confess that they do not have a clear idea of what the Cloud hosting is.

Using the Cloud technology as a website hosting can have many advantages besides the speed that is faster than a common hosting, but setting up and managing a Cloud Hosting can have its certain degree of difficulty, even more for people who do not have much technical knowledge.

That’s why 5 Cloud Hosting offers a Cloud Hosting service with Cpanel, this is great. Cpanel is the best known and easiest platform to manage the back end of a website.

But first let’s talk a little bit about Cloud technology

What is Cloud Hosting?

Hosting websites in the cloud refers to a technology that allows us to group many machines (dedicated servers), connect them together and make them all act as one system, thus providing solutions, such as services directly over the Internet.

cloud hosting
Best Cloud hosting 5 Cloud Host

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting offers us many benefits, some of its main features are It brings together capabilities and tools over the Internet without the need to have all the knowledge or experience about everything that is behind the infrastructure that allows it to work.

Scalability: it allows us to grow and scale at the resource level as many times as we want, and best of all, without having to restart the servers since it is done in real-time.

Use on-demand: it is also scalable on demand. Let’s assume that every Wednesday at noon you have a big traffic peak, the ideal would be to add more resources for those few hours of traffic and then reduce it.

High availability: most of the real clouds provide 100% availability at the hardware level, because when a part of a computer fails, the function remains active in the rest of the machines that make up that cloud.

Reduce costs: through the efficiency of the technology that logically translates into lower prices than traditional dedicated servers.

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Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

Complex structures and maintenance: the user never knows how complex it can be to set up a cloud, but the provider does, and believe us that the maintenance and configurations required to have a cloud working normally are very complex.

The worst thing may happen when there are general failures as happened to the providers we mentioned in the previous point, where it can take several days to normalize the service… that’s taking into account that they are giant companies, with the best engineers.

5CloudHost Service makes your life easier, offering a support service where no other platform gives you in 5 Cloud Host services since big companies like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and other big companies do not give you the support you need when there is a complication at the time of setting up your Cloud platform.

Types of Cloud Hosting

What types of Cloud Hosting are there?

Let’s take a look at the best known classification of cloud servers.

Public Cloud Hosting

The types of Cloud Hosting are divided into two types: Public Clouds and Private Clouds, there is also a third option called Hybrid Cloud and is a combination of the first 2 types, first, we will describe what is a Public Cloud Hosting.

A Public Cloud Hosting is a cloud with several customers sharing the infrastructure, each one separated from the rest at a security and privacy level but sharing the resources between all of them in a network from an external provider.

Examples of Public Cloud Hosting are cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, where a customer can lease an amount of those resources and the provider will charge you proportionally to the number of resources you use.

One of the great advantages of the public cloud is that the infrastructure itself is supported, maintained and managed by our provider and we only have to worry about managing our instances and that for this we will have a lot of tools that our provider makes available.

Private Cloud Hosting

A private cloud is an environment that at a technical level does not differ from Public Cloud Hosting, however, the big difference is that it is located in a system where one customer is the only one operating the entire system and where it has 100% of the hardware available.

An example of this is when a company hires 1 or more dedicated servers and there decides to set up its private cloud, it can provide internal or external services to its customers and the world, but it is still private because it owns the Cloud infrastructure even though the servers are rented and are in a remote Datacenter.

In the case of Private Cloud Hosting the installation, configuration, and administration of the entire Cloud infrastructure and servers will depend on the owner of the Cloud and requires more technical knowledge than that required to operate in a Public Cloud Hosting.

Hybrid or Mixed Cloud Hosting

There is a third category of Cloud Hosting which is the combination of the 2 previous types and is called Hybrid (Mixed) Cloud Hosting.

Public clouds usually charge for resources used which can cause service bills to vary over time while a private cloud is much more stable in costs because the entire servers are rented out.

In a Cloud Hosting infrastructure that makes use of both types of cloud at the same time, allows having costs controlled by the Private Cloud Hosting and allows to create of new instances within a Public Cloud Hosting provider that will allow us to grow elastically according to our needs for a short period of time much faster than having to buy and configure more servers from our cloud.

Private Cloud vs Public Cloud: Which is the best?

Both can provide the same services, however, as we said the big difference is the cost model, while public cloud providers base their costs on-demand private clouds have a fixed monthly cost, for small businesses the public cloud is the best option for convenience and cost.

However, in a project, after a certain volume of traffic, invoices in a public cloud rise, and there a private cloud model is convenient to ensure fixed costs. In the private cloud, we don’t have to worry about the demand for CPU, RAM, or disk space that will make the invoices skyrocket.

In the Public Cloud Hosting, there is a greater facility to grow horizontally with a couple of clicks, however, in a private cloud if we are already using 100% of the resources growing implies buying or renting more servers and configuring them to be part of the cloud.

If we have a peak consumption in the private cloud it becomes impossible to grow horizontally at the time to absorb that peak and that’s where the hybrid cloud that combines the best of Public Cloud Hosting and Private Cloud Hosting comes in.

What is 5 Cloud Host?

5 Cloud Host is a platform that offers the Cloud Hosting service to host websites and take advantage of all the benefits that Cloud technology brings.

  • By offering 5 Cloud Host brings the speed of Cloud technology, but other features more:
  • 24/7 Support
  • Cpanel, so you can easily manage all your web pages
  • Much faster web pages
  • You don’t have to pay recurring monthly fees, as 5 Cloud Host gives you the service for 5 years and at a super cheap price.

Access now a super offer 5 Cloud Host, Hosting for 5 years without monthly recurring payments 1 Single payment, plus 24/7 support, CPanel, and the highest speed for your website, click here

Best Cloud Hosting Provider: 5 Cloud Hosting

Ultra-Fast Loading Speeds

All the powerful servers of 5 Cloud Host use the newest technology, including SSD storage and 10Gbps internet connection, ensuring super-fast load speeds.

Lower your bounce rate, boost your Google rank. Instantly start getting more traffic and making more sales.

Pick Your Server Location

You can choose to have your sites on servers in the US or Europe. Pick the location closest to your main target market and instantly give your customers better user experience.

100% Uptime

Our state of the art cloud infrastructure is fully redundant and integrated with Cloudflare. We will keep your website online at all times and ensure that it will load instantly from any corner of the world.

Easy To Use

The hosting platform is naturally powered by cPanel. It’s the most popular web-based control panel for a reason. It’s extremely user friendly and helps you easily manage your websites with automation tools designed to simplify everything.

1-Click Installation

You can install WordPress with a single click… In fact, we have 450+ applications with a one-click installation. Avoid paying for technical help and start using your time on stuff that will actually make you more money.

Zero Recurring Cost

Today you’ll get 5 years of pro-level cloud hosting for a low one-time fee… a mere fraction of what you’d pay for 1 year of hosting everywhere else. There is no extra cost or recurring fees… ever!

Dedicated Support

We care about you and our dedicated support team is entirely in-house and ready to answer your questions 24/7. No more waiting, get help when you need it the most!

Industry Leading Security

We are serious about security and keeping your sites safe. That’s why all our data centers are Tier 3 certified, each server has its own firewall, anti-malware & anti-virus scanner and we take daily backups for each account.

Free Migration

You can move your sites to the 5 Cloud Host servers and one of the migration experts will take care of you through the entire process… completely FREE of charge!

5 Cloud Host Pricing

The Prices of 5 Cloud Host is very friendly, to have all the services you mention is really very cheap, and the best thing you only have to pay once to have a hosting service for 5 years.

5 cloud host pricing

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