June 7, 2023

30.000+ Copyright Free videos for Youtube

copyright free videos

In this post, I’m going to tell you about a platform where you can find thousands of Copyright Free Videos, with a commercial license, free to use in any project.

Whether it’s a presentation, a website, a self-made video, or a video for your YouTube channel, a few properly placed video clips can make the project come to life.

However, finding the right video clip can be tricky. Many stock video sites charge subscription fees for their best content. Fortunately, on StockNation you can also download Full-HD video clips for personal and commercial use without having to pay additional royalties or conditions.

As we all know, video marketing is developing. Attract customer’s attention and attract the favor of most entrepreneurs today. Your visitors are willing to spend time watching the video, but almost no one reads the complete article.

That’s because reading is a bit boring and lame. If you paid high prices for stock videos, or never bought stock videos due to crazy high prices, then you will love it.

This review is definitely for you. Let me introduce you to StockNation 3.0-here, you can get a large number of high-quality videos at a low price without paying a monthly fee.

Copyright Free Videos

copyright free videos
Copyright Free Videos

Stocknation just released today is the largest full HD video collection ever released.

  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Premium High Quality HD Videos Collection
  • Never Before Released
  • With commercial rights

Stocknation is a cloud-based software that comes with a large number of stock videos, photos, and other media assets that almost all online businesses need.

In this Stocknation 3.0 review, we will take you to step by step to understand all the features included with the tool, and finally help you determine whether this is your right choice.

In short, Stocknation is a cloud-based software with a Premium Collection of more than 30,000 Premium copyright free videos and video stickers, which can be edited directly inside the software.

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Best Royalty Free Video Clips and more

Stocknation is a membership site that can help you dominate your Competition by making better Quality Videos:

  • 30,000+ HD Copyright Free Videos spread across every possible Niche online
  • A Searchable SAAS app (easy to find what you are looking for with simple Keywords)
  • Go Viral by making better videos using StockNation
  • Unlimited 24X7 video downloads
  • Completely hosted in the cloud so you don’t need to download 280 GB of videos files
  • Rank better on Youtube by using HD Videos in your work
  • Low One Time fees
  • Use in Unlimited Video Projects (Go Limitless)
  • Use it for Clients Projects using Special Commercial License
  • Give a complete new life to your content
  • Save your valuable time
  • All FHD videos are 100% Royalty Free
  • Super Easy 3 click access just Search -> Download -> Use
  • No need to save 280GB of Data files to your Hard Drive
  • A complete Cloud-Based Application for all your Video Content need ever
  • Dominate your Competition by making better Quality Unique Videos using StockNation
  • Brand New Drag and Drop Video Editor
  • Create Studio Quality Videos in Minutes
  • Ultra-Fast Rendering Engine
  • Go Limitless (Make Unlimited Video Projects, Download Unlimited Videos, and Unlimited Renders)
  • Mix Videos, Images, Add Text over Videos and Rearrange Media to make your Unique Storyline
  • No need to save 280GB of Data files to your Hard Drive
  • Plug & Play: Fully Hosted & Managed On The Cloud. No Download or Configuration Needed
  • No Technical Experience Required
  • Commercial License Included (Launch Special)
  • Make Unlimited Videos for Personal Projects and Unlimited Videos for Clients

More details of Stocknation 3.0

stocknation library
StockNation Library

30,000+ stock videos

Stocknation 3.0 has a large number of high-definition stock videos with a variety of options. In each case, you can easily find multiple videos and choose the one that suits you.

High-quality stock videos allow you to shine on YouTube, dominate the rankings, and ultimately gain an advantage.

Videos searchable by category

It’s a breeze to browse all the videos and find the most suitable one. All videos are grouped into smart groups, which makes it very easy to find the exact video you need.

Movie stickers

Stocknation comes with a huge collection of more than 50 different wall Ni video stickers. You can easily add these advanced stickers to give a WOW factor in each video.

Video stickers can instantly add modernity to your videos, make them more visually appealing, and allow users to take desired actions.

Remove background

Now, you can use Stocknation Suite to delete the background of any image. With the help of the latest machine learning technology, this demanding feature becomes possible.

Many designers like to use only the theme in the picture, and using the theme in the original photo is time-consuming and laborious. However, by adding this feature in Stocknation Suite, you can easily remove the background from any photos on your journey and use it as needed.

Drag and drop video editor

With its versatile built-in editor, Stocknation makes video creation a step easier. The drag and drop editor is very powerful and feature-rich.

Whether it’s a few seconds-long social media video or a minute-long brand video ad, this built-in editor can handle it.

Super fast rendering engine

The rendering engine ensures that your video is ready within minutes, no matter how long or not it is. The media elements contained in the video.

I tried to use some mainstream editing software, but due to the high video quality, rendering takes time, which is completely normal. However, I am really surprised that the rendering speed is so fast using the built-in editor in the StockNation suite.

StockNation 3.0 Video Review

StockNation 3.0 Pricing – One time Payment

stocknation pricing
StockNation Pricing

As you can see from the picture, you have two options for purchasing this product: StockNation Personal and StockNation Business. The difference between the two is shown on the points I have marked in red here.

You can get an individual plan for $27, or you can pay an extra $10 for a business plan. According to my experience, more than 70% of customers will choose the second option because they have the opportunity to profit from the investment and can get more excellent features than the first one. However, it still depends on the purpose you use to decide to buy the goods.

StockNation 3.0 Copyright Free Videos – Bonuses

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