September 24, 2023

Best Facebook and Youtube Ads Spy Tool

facebook Youtube Spy Tool

In Digital Marketing, one strategy is to work with Facebook and Youtube Ads Spy Tool to see what products are trending and somehow imitate the success that other people have.

Indeed, there are many platforms to spy on Facebook Ads, Instagram, Youtube, Google Ads, and other traffic sources most used by marketers.

This article will review the Advertsuite (Facebook and Youtube ad spy tool) and Tumabetic (Youtube Ads Spy Tool) platforms and how you can optimize your campaigns thanks to these tools and get better results in your Marketing campaigns.

What is Advertsuite, and how does it work?

Best Youtube Ads Spy tool
Best Youtube Ads Spy tool

Advertsuite is a tool to spy on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Google ads. The operation of this platform is effortless; you enter a “keyword”, choose the traffic source (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Google). Then you have all the ads that are currently active for the keyword you entered.

You can also search by Domain or by the Advertiser’s name if you have that information.
To refine your search, you can apply filters by likes, comments, shares, views (in the case of Youtube), running longest and newest. These filters will help you find those more relevant ads according to the filter you have applied.

Another essential filter is the country filter; if you need to know which ads are running in a particular country, choose the country in question.

There is also the function to choose the ads of today, yesterday, last seven days, last 30 days, last month, or if you prefer, you can customize the date range.

In the “Buttons” option, you can customize your search according to the advertisers’ buttons.
In the “Ad Type” option, you choose the type of ad you want to see, either Photo or Video.

A vital filter is also the language; with this option, you choose the ad’s language.

As you may have already noticed, it is effortless to use this Youtube Ads Spy Tool; you enter a keyword, refine your search with the available filters, and have the ads running.

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Watch Advertsuite Video Demo

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Facebook Ads Spy Tool

youtube and Facebook ads spy tool
Facebook ads spy tool

If I choose the country “Mexico” and then the language “Spanish”, Advertsuite shows me all the ads running in Mexico.

I will enter the Keto Diet ad, and I can see the Landing Page they are using, from what date this ad is running, the comments and shares it has so far.

How to spy facebook ads
How to spy facebook ads

We can also know the demographics, the age group, the gender.

The button they are using (in this case, they are using “Learn More”).

ads data
Ads data

2 Best YouTube Ad Spy Tools

Youtube is the second platform that has a lot of web traffic. After Google, business owners and companies prefer to advertise on Youtube, showing their products in video format.

Professional marketers use tools to see what ads are working on this platform and, according to that, get an idea before launching a campaign.

#1. Adversuite

Advertsuite has the option to spy on Youtube ads and show you data such as Landing pages, tags, and interactions that ad has.

youtube ads spy tool 2021
Youtube ads spy tool

The operation for Youtube Ads is the same as for Facebook Ads; you can apply any filter, enter a keyword, and find the ads related to your search criteria.

It shows you the video, the number of views, comments, and likes, the landing page URL, and the tags they used.

How Advertsuite works; you don’t need to watch tutorials or anything; it is effortless as with a few clicks, you can find the most successful ads on the different platforms.

Advertsuite Pricing and Plans

Unlike the many platforms that exist on the Internet to work with Advertsuite, you do not need to pay every month, you only have to make a single payment of $ 67 to use Facebook Ads Spy Tool, but if you want to see the ads from different platforms, you have to purchase the OTO1 with $ 67 plus also a single payment for life.

Adversuite Pricing

With those two payments, you already have this fully functional cloud-based software for life without paying every month.

Unfortunately, Advertsuite does not have a Free Trial Period, but you can make use of the 14-day guarantee period, so if the software is not what you expected, you can request a refund.

#2. Tubematic

The Tubematic platform is focused as Youtube Ads spy Tool; its operation is straightforward, you only have to enter a keyword in its search engine, and then it will show you all the active ads on Youtube.

tubematic review

The information it shows you about the ads is as follows:

  • The video of the ad
  • The advertiser’s channel
  • The site or the landing page where the ad redirects you to
  • The number of views
  • Trend

With all this information, you can now understand the best-performing ads and build a campaign with a clearer idea.
If you want to know how Tubematic works, watch the following video.

Tubematic: Best Youtube Ads Spy Tool (Demo)

If you work with Affiliate Marketing, Tubematic can become a powerful tool to launch Clickbank campaigns on Youtube since you would be watching your competitor’s ads.

Tubematic Price

Tubematic is only $37 if you want it for personal use, but if you want it for commercial purposes, you can purchase the $47 license.

Both prices are for a single lifetime payment, so you don’t have to worry about paying a monthly fee every month..

best youtube ads spy tool
best youtube ads spy tool

What is the best Youtube Ads Spy Tool?

Maybe you are asking yourself: Which is the best Youtube ads spy tool, Advertsuite or Tubematic?

In my experience, I got better results with Tubematic, it is much cheaper than Advertsuite, so if you are only going to spy on Youtube ads, I recommend you get Tubematic.


If you work Facebook Ads and Google Ads, you know how useful it is to have a tool like Advertsuite; it gives you indications of how a campaign is working, where to geolocate, what creatives your competition is using, basically it gives you an idea of what might be working and what is not.

The main advantage of Advertsuite is that you don’t have to pay to use the tool every month; even if you have a team, you can purchase a Reseller license to share this platform with your whole team.

I hope this blog has helped you; please help me by sharing.


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