June 7, 2023

Free PLR Ebooks

Free plr download

In this article, I will show you where to download Free PLR Ebooks, plus Free Video Courses, Software, Audio, Graphics, and Templates.

There are many ways to use PLR products to make money or do Internet Marketing, I will try to give you all the information so you know how to use Free PLR Products correctly.

The Internet has a lot of possibilities not only for entertainment and information but it also offers a lot of windows to do business and make a lot of money surfing from any place on the web as the PLR Products are.

Download the best PLR-licensed courses and earn up to $1000 per month

What is a PLR Product?

free plr
Free PLR

A PLR Product is a digital info product like an: article, ebook, software, Graphic Template, Course, audio, etc., with PLR (Private Label Rights) License.

When you purchase a PLR product, basically what you are acquiring are the rights to it. Although I must clarify that before buying you must make sure what kind of rights you are acquiring, the vast majority offers practically unlimited rights on these.

This means that you can edit them, change their cover, change the format, modify the sales letter, use the content for your blog, use the partial content to create other ebooks, you can put your name on it, do a complete or partial rebranding, and then sell them as if you were the author and keep 100% of the profits.

For this reason, there are no excuses to start an online business using these digital products.

Donwload FREE PLR Ebooks, Courses, Software, articles and more from IDplr.com

PLR products can be found in different formats:

  • Video Courses from different niches.
  • Articles ready to use in your blog, after modification and personal contribution so that it is not a duplicate content.
  • Audio courses. In this case it is important to customize the sales letter and covers, also add a logo to the audio.
  • Software, these are very interesting, and are in high demand.
  • Templates of all kinds, whether for web pages, presentations, graphic design, etc.
  • Images.
  • Music.
  • Sounds.
  • Special effects.

Before making any modifications with your product, read the Rights that your PLR Product has.

PLR licences
PLR Licences

Types of PLR Licenses

  1. PLR (Private Label Right)
    They are the best known and basically allow you to modify, resell, and use these products as you wish.
    The important thing is to read the terms to know well what you can do and what NOT with these products.
  2. MRO, Master Resell Rights.
    This type of resell rights, allows customers, use, resell the product, and also resell rights.
    This type of product does not allow you to customize anything at all.
    You can sell the product, but without making any modifications.
  3. RR, Resale Right
    With this type of resale rights, you can use the product and resell it, but you cannot sell the resale rights.
    With these resale rights, you cannot modify or resell the resale rights of the product

Other types of PLR Product licenses

The ones mentioned above are the licenses that tend to confuse the most, but there are other types of licenses you should know about.

GR, Giveaway Rights: You can give away the product (in any way you want, unless the license terms state otherwise). You may not resell or modify it in any way.

Most MRO products have gift rights (Giveaway Rights). But watch out, not all of them.

PUR, Personal Use Rights: As the name implies, it is only for your personal use. You have no right to sell, modify, or give away the product.

Free PLR Download

Instant Access To Over 12500+PLR Products

There are many websites where you can download Free PLR Products, however, most offer outdated products and low-quality content.

Searching and analyzing several sites I found a web page where you can download Free PLR Products, updated and quality.

On Idplr.com you can find good PLR Products, you can even download them for free.

When you register at Idplr.com you have 2 Free GOLD Downloads, enough to start your Digital Marketing strategy by offering the PLR as a Lead Magnet or to customize the PLR and resell it to your community.

Donwload FREE PLR Ebooks, Courses, Software, articles and more from IDplr.com

How to download Quality Free PLR Ebooks?

1. Register on Idplr.com with your email.

2. Search an Ebook under the “FREE PRODUCTS” tab

3. If you don’t find a good Free Product take advantage of your 2 GOLD Downloads

Once you have downloaded it, read which type of license your PLR Product has

4. Start Promoting Your PLR Product

Best PLR Video Courses

PLR (Private Label Rights) video courses are pre-made video courses that are available for purchase and come with a license that allows the buyer to modify and rebrand the content as their own. These types of courses are often sold in the online marketing space as a way for entrepreneurs to quickly create and sell their own products without having to create the content from scratch.

PLR video courses can cover a wide range of topics, from digital marketing and entrepreneurship to health and wellness, personal development, and more. They are typically created by experienced professionals in their respective fields and are designed to be comprehensive, informative, and engaging.

When purchasing a PLR video course, it’s important to read the terms of the license carefully to ensure that you understand the rights and limitations of the content. You will typically have the ability to modify the videos, add your branding, and use the content as your own, but you may not be able to resell the content as PLR or distribute it for free.

Overall, PLR video courses can be a great way to save time and money when creating your own products, but it’s important to choose high-quality content that aligns with your brand and offers value to your audience.

The following PLR courses are selling very well. However, they are not free; they are priced at 97 USD for the 8 PLR Video Courses bundle.

plr video courses
PLR video Courses

9 Ways to promote PLR Products

Case 1 – Sell PLR products on Amazon

how to promote plr ebooks
Promote PLR Ebooks on Amazon

The steps are simple, first, choose the niche where you will work, second choose the related PLR, improve it as much as you can by making modifications on the cover (you can use canva.com), fourth step upload it to Amazon with a good title, description, and some keywords, the fifth step repeat the process as many times as you want.

The Amazon platform is ideal if you don’t want to create the whole sales system that any infoproduct would have with a lot of pages, graphics and other resources. The drawback I see is the final price you can put that will not be so high.

Case 2 – Sell a PLR product on Clickbank or Warriorplus

download free plr
Sell PLR on Warriorplus

The process in this platform is very similar to the previous one in terms of modifying and improving the product. The differences are that you need a whole sales system in place plus several resources to help you with the affiliates if this is your strategy.

The benefit of using a PLR product is that you have the entire product already created and in many cases even the affiliate resources included. Create a sales page with a compelling message.
As well as the rest of the resources needed to get more sales.

The idea of working with a PLR product is not “copy and paste”, it doesn’t work anymore. However, if you can understand the concept and save work you already have the first step of the sales strategy.

Case 3 – Sell the PLR Product on Facebook Groups

For this, you will need a sales page integrated with a payment platform like Paypal, which can be easy if you use the Landing Pages Systeme.io builder because it integrates with a few clicks to your Paypal or Stripe account.

Start offering your PLR product at a relatively low price to have more sales, create a Facebook group related to your niche, and start sharing posts of the product you are offering.

Case 4 – Use your PLR Product as a Lead Magnet or Bonus

If you have the GR license, Giveaway Rights of your PLR, Ebook, or Course you can share it as an added bonus to people who buy another product from you.

In the case of PLR Ebooks, you can add your affiliate links within the content, and give away the Ebook as many times as you want so that people will click on your links within the PLR.

To add an affiliate link inside the Ebook you only have to edit the pdf and add hyperlinks, this is done with an online pdf editor.

Case 5 – Promote with Email Marketing

If you have an email list, do email marketing and send them your PLR product sales letter.

Case 6 – Send Traffic to your sales letter with Payment Announcements

You can use paid ads like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or Bing Ads to sell your PLR Products

Case 7 – Use PLR content on your website or blog

A very common problem is that you run out of ideas to write on your blog. So, it is not a bad idea, to use PLR articles, to publish in your blog.

You can, get a good amount of content as PLR articles, to publish in your blog.

Case 8 – Use PLR content in your social networks

Social networks are usually a great source of traffic and if you use it correctly, it can boost sales of your products and grow your business.

The right way is, make an extract or summary of your article and publish it in groups that are in tune with the topic

Case 9 – Sell PLR Products, directly on your blog

You can simply add a widget to your own blog displaying an ad for your own Product. Through the organic traffic you have, people will click on your widget and be directed to the sales page of the PLR Product you are selling.

Certainly, the results you can obtain with these strategies will depend 100% on the effort and dedication you give to them.

There are no formulas or magic words.

If you are interested in learning how to monetize a blog with Google Adsense and have a passive income I invite you to read this review we did.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog

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