September 24, 2023

How to Make 1 dollar a day Online Free

How to Make 1 dollar a day

There are many ways to make money online, but not all of them are easy. If you want to know how to make 1 dollar a day online, then this article is for you.

In this article, I will talk about the different ways that you can use to make money with your computer or laptop from home. You don’t need any special skills or qualifications and you can start earning money today.

Earning 1 dollar a day may seem very little to you, however, achieving this goal can mean the beginning of an extra income through the Internet, since many people try to earn money from home through the Internet, but never get it, they get discouraged and are left with the idea that this does not work.

The goal is not only to learn how to make $1 a day, what you have to look for is how to build an automated system that will generate you at least $1 a day, without stopping your main activities.

How to make 1 dollar a day

how to make $1 dollar a day online
how to make $1 dollar a day online

Maybe you already tried to earn money online filling out surveys or doing some mini job in sites like Microworkers or Picoworkers where you get paid for doing some action (watching ads, downloading applications, completing captchas, etc.), but then you realized that these methods are not profitable at all, since they take a lot of time and pay very little.

I have tried it too, I used to occupy much of my free time trying to earn a few dollars, many times I was not paid for the tasks I completed on such sites, as after completing a 30 or 45 minute survey, they would send me a message stating that my profile did not qualify.

So, I kept looking for more profitable ways to earn money online, and in the end I found 2 ways that currently generate me extra income every month almost passively.

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Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

I know you must be tired of hearing many people recommending ways to earn money with Affiliate Marketing, you often find people recommending to earn money with Clickbank, Amazon, JvZoo, WarriorPlus and many other platforms where you sign up easily and then you can affiliate to any product and then promote it and earn commissions with the sales you get.

But this time I want to tell you specifically about a very profitable Affiliate Program, an Online Software that pays 50% recurring commissions every month, which means that you earn commissions every following month, once you have found a user or customer who pays for any plan of this Software, which also has very good acceptance by its users.

I’m talking about the Digital Marketing Software Affiliate Program, a tool designed to build sales funnels, landing pages, do email marketing, build checkout pages, and many other applications together in a single platform. Affiliate Program
How to Make 1 dollar a day

Systeme or is aimed at companies and/or individuals who own online and offline businesses. These people tend to invest a lot in tools like this, every month they spend part of their budgets to acquire the services of site builders like Systeme to create landing pages and capture leads for their business.

This is good news for those of us who want to make money online as affiliates of the Systeme platform, since, being a complete and affordable tool, attracting new customers is not a very difficult task.

How much money can you earn with Systeme?

How to make 1 dollar a day Online
How to make 1 dollar a day Online

According to the prices of the Systeme Platform plans, you can earn much more than $1 per day, even if you manage to attract very few customers.

Let’s take a look at the plans that Digital Marketing Platform has, to give us a better idea of how much we can get to earn if we promote this tool. Pricing and Plans
How to Make 1 dollar a day

Systeme has 4 plans, which have the following prices:

  • Free $0 per month.
  • Startup $27 per month.
  • Webinar $47 per month.
  • Unlimited $97 per month.

But it also has annual plans with 30% discount:

  • Startup $228 per year.
  • Webinar $396 per year.
  • Unlimited $828 per year.

If the commissions are 50% recurring, the earnings as an affiliate would be as follows:

PlanPrice $% CommisionProfit $
How to make 1 dollar a Day with Affiliate Marketing

From personal experience, the Plan that sells best is the Webinar Plan that costs $47, by selling this plan you get $23.50 in commissions, with only 2 customers buying the Webinar Plan you would be earning $47 per month.

You would already be surpassing your first goal of learning how to earn 1 dollar per day online!

Note that some people purchase the annual plans, saving 30%, in this case the Systeme Affiliate Program continues to pay 50% commission, with the difference that the recurring payments are no longer monthly, but each time the customer renews their annual plan.

If we do the same mathematical operations, 50% of each Annual Plan goes as shown in the table:

Anual PlanPrice $% CommisionProfit $
How to make 1 dollar a Day with Affiliate Marketing

I saw how other affiliates received a very good commission on the sale of the Unlimited Annual Plan in a single sale.

And others, applying a certain content strategy, have been generating more than $1,000 per month with the Systeme Affiliate Program.

How to promote the Systeme Platform

I started promoting Systeme tools a few months ago, and I can confirm that it is a Software that sells very well by itself, both for the quality of its applications, the affordable price and the good support they provide to their users.

The strategy that works best for me at the moment, are the Video Tutorials on YouTube about how to manage and configure the different tools that the Platform contains.

how to make $1 a day
How to Make 1 dollar a day

The videos I uploaded to YouTube are very simple, where I just show my screen, and teach how to build landing pages with the Systeme builder.

This is how I have managed to attract some customers who are paying a monthly fee to use the different applications.
I am still far away from what other affiliates are currently earning, but I am learning, and I hope that very soon I will generate at least 1000 dollars per month.

I invite you to start promoting this Digital Marketing Platform Systeme now, since it is relatively new and many promote it as a good alternative to Clickfunnels.

Making Money with Systeme Affiliate Program

To join Systeme’s Affiliate Program you just need an email address that you use frequently and set up a payment method to receive your commissions.

After you make sales, they will be quickly reflected on the Affiliate Dashboard as earnings. Systeme holds your commissions for 30 days to cover any refunds that may arise, once the 30 days is up your commissions will be available for withdrawal to your account.

Your earnings will be automatically deposited on the 10th of the month, but you have to reach at least $30 accumulated, if you haven’t reached $30 yet, don’t worry, this amount will be added to your balance for the next month.

Make Money Online on Google

It is no longer a secret that advertising moves millions of dollars a day. Big, medium and small companies invest a lot of money in advertising campaigns in traditional media as well as in digital media, and one of those digital media is Google.
In the following section I will tell you how I am generating income through the Internet, thanks to the Advertising shown in Google.

How to make money online on Google?

How to make 1 dollar a day with Google

In my opinion, this is the best way to make more than a dollar a day online almost automatically, you don’t have to sell any product, you don’t need other people to spend money for you to make money online.

You simply need people to find your content, browse it for a few minutes and click on the ads that are embedded in your site.

You may have guessed it already, I’m talking about creating content with Blogs, or YouTube channels.

Google is a search engine that is getting smarter and smarter, it prioritizes that real content that solves the doubts of those who are browsing Google, that’s why, you need to become a good content creator and show useful information to your readers or your Youtube channel visitors.

If you already have constant visitors on a Blog or Youtube Channel, you can join Google’s ad network for content creators called Google Adsense.

Once you have already joined Google Adsense, they will give you a code that you have to insert in your Blog or Channel, so your site will already be showing advertising to your visitors, and every time visitors click on the ads you will earn a small percentage in dollars, for being the owner of the content.

Personally I prefer Blogs, since they are easier to create and require less requirements to be accepted in Google Adsense, unlike a YouTube Channel, you need to fulfill 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers.

However, creating a Blog or a YouTube Channel and monetizing it with Google Ads takes more time, more work, you have to learn SEO, learn copywriting or Video editing, etc. The truth is not an easy path, but if you get it the reward is much more rewarding.


The methods that I showed you in this blog of how to make 1 dollar a day, I currently work and generate me more than a dollar a day, because if you manage to earn $ 1 dollar a day, also earn $ 10 daily or $ 100 per day, and it depends on each one to where to scale their own strategies.

Learning how to make $1 dollar a day online, is just the beginning of what can become one of your main incomes, because many people are already doing it.

Each method to earn money online has its level of difficulty, there is no easy and fast method to be successful and less filling out surveys or watching videos with advertising, it is necessary to be consistent, work hard and then enjoy the income that will come.

Surely you already noticed that it is not necessary to invest or spend money to make money online from home, you can access dozens of affiliate programs with just an email, or to build a blog there are fairly inexpensive options like WordPress, the key is to focus on a single method when you are starting.

I hope this information has clarified your doubts, and encouraged you to start building a steady source of income through the Internet.

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