December 3, 2023

How to Make 100 dollars a Day on Fiverr

make 100 dollars a day

In this article I am going to show you how to Make 100 dollars a Day on Fiverr in the easiest way by applying an almost automatic method, earning over $4,000 in 30 days.

This is one of Matthew Sabia’s methods, he indicates that he helped a friend of his to set up a business in Fiverr where he is automatically generating more than $100 a day because here we analyze each step he has taken.

What products to offer in Fiverr to Make a lot of money?

make 100 dollars a day
Most Popular Gigs

The key is to find a service that is not very competitive but at the same time that is very required. And in this case, Matthew focused on providing computer graphics services for Instagram.

The computer graphics on Instagram are the most powerful and easily viralized because they inform in a fast and visual way, and people like that very much.

By doing a quick review at Fiverr we can confirm that the people who provide the custom computer graphics service for Instagram have orders in line, which means that many people are buying and paying for this product.

As you can see, Instagram graphics are in high demand, images with quotes, business notes, etc.
Matthew shows the proof of how much money he has made with just one gig on Fiverr and sales are still coming in every other day.

how to make money on fiverr
How to make money on fiverr

The value of the packages ranges from $5 for the basic package consisting of 50 computer graphics, $20 for the standard package of 150 computer graphics and $50 for the premium package of 250 computer graphics.

how to make 100 dollars a day

The most interesting thing is that a logo can be added to these infographics, or the Instagram account name using a Photoshop function.

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How to Get or Create Graphics?

Certainly creating the graphics can be difficult, even if you know how to use Photoshop very well it will take you some time to create each graphic.

The easiest way is to buy this gig at Fiverr itself.

Keep in mind that when you request this service and in order for you to be able to edit it easily you need the images or infographics to have a space to add the logo you want.

Please try to ask for a different design, something that differs from the other infographics or images.

Customize the Graphics Automatically

As I told you before each image has to have space at the bottom (you have to indicate that to the Fiverr designer). And it is exactly in that part where the customization is added for each user.

You can add your Instagram account name, your website, or your logo.

Now I will show you how to use Photoshop automation to fulfill orders with a single click.

  • To get started, have a folder ready with the 50 computer graphics that do not have logos.
  • Have the logo in the client’s PNG extension
  • Use the Photoshop Automation Function

Step 1. Have your folders and image packages ready

Instagram infographics packages
Instagram Packages

Step 2. Click on Window and then Action

Customize the infographics
Customize the infographics

Step 3. Record the action of adding the Logo (Watch Video Tutorial)

I have to thank Matthew Sabia for letting me do this article showing his strategy.

Please, so you don’t get saturated in Fiverr you can apply this strategy for different niches, Health, Fitness, Keto, etc.

I hope it was very helpful to you

Watch the complete Video of Matthew here (28 min)

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