September 24, 2023

How to Spy Facebook Ads Free

spy Facebook Ads Free

Spy Facebook ads can help you model and mimic those campaigns that are already running successfully on Facebook, so you can have excellent results in your Facebook Ads campaigns as well.

Many marketers and/or people who make ads with Facebook use Facebook’s own Ad Library, but this tool has many limitations and is not as intuitive, it does not have good filters to find those campaigns that are working for other marketers.

At the time I wrote this blog the platform was totally free, however, in 2021 it is already paid. I recommend this new tool to spy on Facebook ads for free.

Platforms to Spy your competitors on Facebook Ads

There are many platforms to spy on your competitors’ ads, most of them are Pay Monthly and are somewhat expensive, these tools show you more accurate data of interaction and reach of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Youtube Ads.

These tools, being monthly paid, can help you a lot when studying what is working for your competition, so you can model those ads and have a higher success rate before launching your campaigns.

But now we won’t focus on the paid tools, because there is a very good platform to spy and study your competitor’s Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Free Spy tool

Among the tools for spying on Facebook ads, Free stands out by far the platform, which was recently launched this year 2020 that offers all the tools for spying on ads completely free.

Free Spy tool for Facebook Ads
Free Spy tool for Facebook Ads

To access this platform you just have to register with a personal email and you can start spying on the ads that are running on Facebook Ads.

How to Spy on Facebook Ads Free

When you enter the Dashboard you can apply the filters according to your niche or competition, you just have to enter a keyword, for example, if we want to analyze the ads that work best in the “Fitness” Niche we enter the same word.

Then in the “Demography” button, we will choose the region where the ads are running, for this example “United States

Hoy to spy facebook ads free
How to spy facebook ads free

In the button “More Filters” we will select the language “English“.

spy tool for Facebook ads
Spy tool for facebook ads

And so, we can already see the ads that are active on Facebook Ads with the keyword “Fitness“.

How to find the best ads on Facebook Ads
How to find the best ads on Facebook Ads

If we want to filter the ads that got more reactions from people, we simply have to apply one more filter that has

apply filters on Visto
Apply filters on Visto

In the section “Sort by” we can choose the following options:

Last Seen
This filter shows you the last ads you saw within

First Seen
Displays the ads you first saw within

Newly created
Displays all recently created ads

First created
Displays all ads that were first created

Most reacted
Shows all the ads that have more reactions

Most Commented
If you apply this filter it shows you all those ads that have obtained more comments

Most Shared
It shows you all the ads that have been shared most within Facebook.

applying "Most reacted" filters
applying “Most reacted” filters

Personally, the most important ones are the last three filters:

  • Most reacted
  • Most Commented
  • Most Shared

Which are the main indicators that denote that an ad is working and possibly the ones that are converting more into sales.

When you choose or find the ad you want to imitate or model for your own campaign, you only have to click on the ad, then will show you more important data to take into account.

The data that shows you are:

  • Between which dates were the ad active
  • Landing page of the offer
  • Post or publication of the Advertisement
  • Facebook page, or the Fan page where the ad is located
data of an announcement
data of an announcement

With this information, you have everything you need to analyze what is working for your competition, or more specifically in the ad, you are spying on as such.

It is already your job to copy or imitate elements of that ad and adapt it to your offer, to try to generate the reach, comments, likes or reactions, or the objective you want to achieve success.

Here is the link to go to official site, click here

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