Top Email Marketing Platforms

Let’s review the Top Email Marketing Platforms that are most used by marketers and companies, their features, and prices.

Email marketing involves direct communication with the public, with added advantages such as the ability to segment and measure the strategies that are carried out.

Email marketing continues to play an important role in marketing strategies, with consumers and potential customers increasingly demanding personalized content focused on their needs and interests.

Best Email Marketing Platforms

Top email marketing Platforms
Top email marketing Platforms

When we talk about email marketing platforms, usually comes to mind Mailchimp. Without a doubt, it is one of the best-known email marketing platforms, but it is not the only one. Below is a list of what we believe are the best email marketing platforms available today. All of them allow us to implement mass mailing campaigns, apart from offering many other complimentary services.

1. Mailer Lite

email marketing platforms mailerlite

One of the last to arrive and hit hard on the market.

Ideal for small businesses, bloggers, authors or entrepreneurs who are starting their business.
I would highlight their attractive and simple design, and the perfect usability they have achieved so that a new user can create a campaign or automate it in less than 60 minutes.

In addition to their email marketing and automation services, they offer hundreds of templates and the possibility of creating your own landing pages and pop-ups, so that they can be integrated into your website in just a couple of clicks.

In addition, they have a free option up to 1,000 subscribers, and from that volume their plans start from $10/month.

I will confess that it is my second favorite email marketing platform.

2. Getresponse

best email marketing platforms

This is one of the email marketing platforms with the greatest number of functionalities on the market.

In addition to offering email marketing and marketing automation features, it offers the option to create your own landing pages and also to conduct webinars.

I would highlight its excellent functionality to generate automations, and also to create landing pages is really easy. It also offers free access to over 1,000 iStock images.

However, the maximum value that this email marketing platform provides is the extraordinary automation solution they offer based on the management of “labels” and the creation of any funnel or conversion funnel you can imagine.

GetResponse is an email marketing software recommended for all those entrepreneurs who are looking for a versatile emailing tool, with the latest features and who do not mind handling the tool in English.
In short, it is the best email marketing tool on the market in relation to price and platform features.

The price of this platform is super accessible, ranging from $15 per month, or if you just want to try it has a trial period of 30 days for free like no other platform on the market.

Learn how to implement an Email Marketing Strategy successfully

3. Email Benchmark

top email marketing platforms
Email Benchmark

This email marketing platform is very easy, simple and intuitive.

A simple and powerful tool, both in terms of the user experience and the functionalities it offers.
In addition, you have access to many of these features in their free initial plan with a maximum limit of up to 2,000 users and 14,000 shipments per month.

Within its functionality of sending mass emails are characterized by a variety of templates, very flexible and easy to implement, but above all highlights its support.

They have a first class customer service!

Their solution for sending automatic emails is right for starting out in this world, but don’t expect to create very complex or sophisticated funnels.

They offer a variety of automation process templates, such as templates to attract subscribers, customer conversion, or purchase confirmation templates.

It is a very good option for all those entrepreneurs who are looking for an affordable, intuitive email marketing tool, with a generous free plan and support in Spanish.

4. ActiveCampaign

top email marketing platforms
Active Campaign

Ideal for small and medium businesses, or entrepreneurs who already manage lists with a volume of subscribers between 1,000 and 25,000.

Despite their 14-day trial, they do not offer a free plan. However, you can start using it from $9/month up to 500 subscribers.

In addition to the possibility of creating campaigns for sending newsletters, templates, SMS sending, etc… they offer the possibility of converting Active Campaign into your CRM system (and Lead Scoring).

Its only drawback is the learning curve. This is much higher than in other email marketing software.

The analyzed email marketing platforms and many others contribute decisively to optimize and improve this veteran promotion technique.

Are you going to let go of all the benefits that email marketing can bring you?

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