July 13, 2024

Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO Tool

In this article, we will talk about the basic tips of Youtube SEO and a review of the Video Marketing Blaster program, the different tools it brings, and how we can use it to get more visibility in Youtube videos.

What is Youtube SEO?

YouTube SEO is the process of optimizing your videos, playlists, and channel to position in the organic results of YouTube in a particular search.

youtube seo
Youtube SEO

How does the YouTube search engine algorithm work?

YouTube explains how its algorithm works in the following way:

Videos are positioned based on several factors, including how well the title, description, and content of the video matches the viewer’s search. Beyond that, we consider which videos have generated the most engagement in a search and make sure viewers find them.

So yes, keywords matter from both an on-page and “on video” point of view. Matching the search intent is critical.
But the key ingredient to effective video SEO is high engagement.

They want to keep viewers on their platform as long as they can (even if it’s not in your videos).
That’s because more videos = more viewed ads = more money in the Alphabet Inc. bank.
More importantly, they want you to generate interaction in your videos and they will reward you with visibility.

Most interaction or engagement metrics can be measured on YouTube Analytics as “like” / “dislike”, comments, CTR, audience retention, average viewing time, clicks on the final screen, clicks on the cards and the list keeps growing.

In summary

If you don’t manage to link your audience, your chances of positioning your videos on YouTube on a meaningful keyword are close to zero.

Keyword research on YouTube

A good choice of keywords can help position your videos in the top positions and that’s where Video Marketing Blaster comes in.

Video Marketing Blaster is a youtube SEO tool, a software dedicated to find the best Keywords to position your video on Youtube in the niche you want.

Youtube SEO Tool DEMO

How Video Marketing Blaster works

On the first screen, in the Video Marketing Dashboard Blaster shows what is in trend on Youtube, and also training videos to learn how to use the program.

seo youtube
Video Marketing Blaster Dashboard

In the next section “keywords” you only have to enter a word related to your video and then click on “Search” the program will automatically search for all the keywords that don’t have much competition on Youtube, it will generate the title, description, and keywords automatically ordered according to the ranking.

keyword research on youtube
Keyword Research on Youtube

All these results can be ordered from highest to lowest or vice versa, by competence, amount of results, where the keywords come from, if it is a longtail and the time the video was published.

With these details, we can rank a super-fast video with Video Marketing Blaster.
Video Marketing Blaster also indicates how difficult or easy it is to position your video on the first page of Youtube with the keywords you are using.

youtube seo tool
Video Marketing Blaster Keyword Research

Video Marketing Blaster Pricing

On the Official Video Marketing Blaster website, they offer a special discounted launch price using the Coupon code: “SPECIAL70“.

Special Offer:

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Video Marketing Blaster Bonuses



Learn How To Build Your Own Video Marketing Agency Using Video Marketing Blaster

youtube SEO best practices



Videos specially designed to boost your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns.

youtube SEO tools



A vibrant collection of photos that you can use as slides in your videos. You can use them in any video creator!

video marketing blaster bonus 3



These images are not just royalty-free, they are copyright free.

video marketing blaster bonus 4



This is ebook is a complete blueprint that will show you step by step what you need to do in order to exploit product launches.

video marketing blaster bonus 5



Every video you make requires an awesome audio background. With this huge pack you can create stunning videos and captivate your viewer’s attention.

video marketing blaster bonus 6

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