June 13, 2024

Builderall Affiliate Program Review [2023]

Builderall affiliate program review

This time we are going to do a complete Builderall Affiliate Program Review, where we will explain the process of how to join, how the 2 Tier compensation plan works, how you can earn money being a Builderall affiliate, what are its advantages and disadvantages, which Builderall Plan you have to acquire to become an affiliate, etc.

Builderall has one of the best Affiliate programs today; not many internet products have an Affiliate Program up to 2nd Tier that regularly pays, which is why many people begin to promote this platform, showing and explaining the features and benefits of applications and tools that contain Builderall.

Builderall Affiliate Program Review

The following sections will explain how you can earn money as a Builderall 5.0 affiliate.

You first have to join the Builderall affiliate program; previously, you could join without paying a plan, but since version 5.0 is no longer possible, you must purchase a paid Builderall Plan; only then can you promote this platform.
After you have purchased any Builderall Plan, you have to go to the “Affiliates” tab at the top right.

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Builderall Affiliate link

When you join Builderall as an affiliate, you will get a unique Affiliate link with which you can promote the platform. You will find this link in the Affiliate Panel section of your Builderall account.

Builderall Affiliate Program Review
Builderall Affiliate Program Review

Depending on the Plan you have purchased, you can have different affiliate link options, even create a link to complete the user’s information at the Checkout if they have filled out a form before.

Builderall Affiliate Commissions

Builderall Affiliate has a compensation plan that favors affiliates a lot, but it is not a compensation plan since it is not multilevel; Builderall is a product and software. Therefore, a correct term would be Builderall Affiliate Marketing.

The Builderall compensation plan is one of the most profitable; depending on the active plan, it has some differences. Remember that Builderall Affiliate Program has 2 levels; let me explain better with the following image:

builderall affiliate commission
Builderall Affiliate Commission

First: Direct Sales
You will earn 100% commissions on your direct sales the first month; if you sell any Builderall plan, your commission will be the same amount as the Plan your referred customer purchased.

Second: Recurring Commissions

You will earn 30% recurring commissions from all your sales from the second month. If you sold the 79.90 USD plan the first month, you received a 79.90 USD commission, and from the second month, you will receive 26.3 USD recurring monthly.

Third: 2 Tier Commissions

If the people you recommended, Builderall, also decide to promote it, you receive 2nd tier commissions of 30%. Let’s say someone purchased a Builderall Plan from your link, and then this person sold a Builderall plan to someone else, then your client earned 100% commission in his first month, then in the 2nd month he receives a 30% commission, but you also receive a 30% commission as a 2nd Tier commission.

In summary: The 2 Tier commissions, you receive them from the second month that the person pays for Builderall since the payment of the 1st month goes as a direct commission of 100% for the person who promoted the Builderall plans.

Builderall Affiliate Commission Changes

  • It is important to know that since Builderall version 5.0; they changed a little bit in the compensation plan:
  • Commissions are the same in Builderall Plans and Builderall + WordPress.
  • In the Cheetah Plan and only in the Cheetah Plan, you will not earn 100% commission on your first sale; instead, you earn 30% commission with the Cheetah Plan.
  • In the Cheetah Plan and Cheetah + WordPress (which are the cheapest plans), do not apply the 2nd level commissions; this means, if you get a customer who only buys the Cheetah plan, you only receive 30% commissions every month, you no longer have 2nd level commissions from this customer.

I hope that the Builderall Affiliate Program Compensation plan is clear to you and that you are not a little confused. I tried to explain it as clearly as possible.

Builderall Affiliate Payout

builderall affiliate payout
Builderall affiliate program review

When you get a sale for the first time as an affiliate, the commission will take 35 days to be available; after 35 days, you could move it to your e-wallet, but you need at least 100 dollars or euros.

You can move it to your virtual wallet if you already have at least 100 dollars in commissions. Builderall executes these requests to move your commissions to your wallet every Thursday.

Builderall Affiliate Payment Methods

In this section, we will explain how the different Builderall Affiliate Payment Methods work, with which, as an affiliate, you can withdraw your money.

builderall affiliate payment methods
Builderall affiliate program review

Once you have 100 dollars or euros accumulated in commissions as an affiliate, you can request a withdrawal.
The first step is to create an account in Builderall Global ewallet.

In Global ewallet you have 6 withdrawal options, which we will see below:

Check Request

This withdrawal way can take a while, depending on your country; it is faster in the US, but in most countries, it takes a while for the check to arrive.


If you want to withdraw your money to your Bitcoin wallet is a good option since this transaction is the fastest; if you make the withdrawal request, the amount is already in your account on the same day.

Another advantage of the Bitcoin withdrawal mode is that the fee is not very high.

Gift Card

builderall gift card
Builderall affiliate program review

Some people prefer to withdraw their money in Gift Cards Visa to make purchases with that money; it is another fast method where it does not have very expensive Fees.

You can apply for Visa Gift Cards from $25 to $300.

Direct Withdrawal to Bank Account

This is the option that many affiliates choose, both for the time and fee, which is also a little low compared to the other methods below.

Wire Profile

If you don’t have the option to link directly to your bank account, this may be one of the ways you can get your commission money. The transaction can take 3 to 4 days, and the fee is $25 per transaction.

You need to create a Wire Profile and then request the withdrawal of your money.

Order a Prepaid Card

builderall affiliate payment methods
Builderall affiliate program review

In this case, you have to order a Visa card with which you can withdraw your commissions with Visa’s international network. The cost per transaction is $4.50 per withdrawal at an ATM, but more fees also apply.

If we compare it with the withdrawal method using a Wire Profile, this is an option with fewer Fees, but to acquire the card, you have to pay a fee of 30 dollars for the shipping cost. The card may never arrive if you order the card with free shipping.

The time it takes for the card to arrive varies from country to country, usually about 10 days.

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