Best Funnel Builder 2021: Tutorial is a tool that is growing rapidly and is probably the best funnel builder in 2021, being a good alternative to Clickfunnels.

Its Drag and Drop Funnel Builder makes it easy to use, even if you don’t have experience with other Sales Funnel Builders.

In each one of the Videos, you will be able to see how intuitive is, and how you can use each tool for your digital business.

The creator of is Aurelien Amacker, an entrepreneur since 2010.

Well, let’s see the tutorials presented by the founder himself.

#1. Introduction: Features

You will see all the features of such as:

  • How to build an audience to easily sell your offers
  • How to easily create forms and capture pages
  • How to create payment pages to sell your products and services
  • How to automate your business

If you want to know in detail each characteristic of you can read this article we made about the functions and tools it has, just click here Best Clickfunnels Alternative in 2021 Features

#2. Part 1: Contact Management

In this Video you will see how to manage your contacts in the Platform Conctact Management

#3. Part 2: Building Sales Funnels

Just click on “Funnels” in the top menu and then click on “Create”.

You can then choose the kind of sales funnels you want to create:

Collect email => to generate leads and build your email list.

Sales funnel => to sell a product.

Custom funnel => to build a funnel from scratch.

Don’t stress out as you can change anything you want later. Once you have created your sales funnel you just have to choose a template for each page of your funnel.

And voila! Your sales funnel is up and running.

Build a Sales Funnel with

#4. Part 2.1: List Building Funnel

In this video you will see how to build a form to capture lead and thus build and grow your list

Build your list with

#5. Part 2.2: Product Selling Funnel

With you can build Checkout pages and integrate with platforms such as Paypal or Stripe easily

Build a Checkout Page with

#6. Part 3: Email Management

#7. Part 4: Automating Your Business

#8. Part 5: Creating Membership Sites, Best Funnel Builder?

Personally comparing with Clickfunnels, it is the best Funnel Builder, besides that the Founder Aurelien Amacker announces that there will be updates and new features to Build Funnels and Quizz pages.

Automating your email marketing campaign is also an easy task with, it is a great advantage over other Builders, as it is very intuitive.

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