July 13, 2024

Inpixio Photo Studio 10 Review 2021

InPixio Photo Studio 10 Review

InPixio Photo Studio 10 is an image and photo editing software with specific functions to remove unwanted objects within a photo or image, to make photomontage because with InPixio you can remove any background in a professional way easily and another of its functions is to correct colors and tones.

Inpixio Photo Studio 10 Updates

Remove Unwanted Objects
Remove Unwanted Objects

Correction and optimization

With the new update of the InPixio program, it is now much more intuitive and more fluid, making it ideal for people who do not have advanced technical knowledge.

New Creative Content

Bring a collection of new stickers and backgrounds to add to your photos with a few clicks.

Real time Chat Support

If you have problems with any feature or any other problem you can talk directly with the specialists at inPixio Photo Studio using the real-time chat.


To answer the FAQs, InPixio developers created video tutorials to explain how to use InPixio and all its features.

inPixio Webinar

A first webinar explains in a simple way how to start using all the features of InPixio Photo Studio effectively.

Why do you prefer InPixio?

The most popular feature of InPixio is undoubtedly the one that removes unwanted objects from an image or photo.

InPixio easily removes any object, person, animal, or thing without damaging the background of the photo. The software automatically detects the colors you don’t want to remove and erases the unwanted elements in an amazing way.

Another popular feature is InPixio Cutter, with this function you can remove the background of any image or photo as if you were a professional in Photoshop.

Get InPixio Photo Studio 10 Limited Edition, at a Special Price of $29 + 4 Free Bonus from the Official Website by clicking here.

Watch how InPixio Photo Studio works

InPixio Photo Studio 10 Video Demo

Pro Version Features

In the Pro version, it includes the image correction functionality, with a single click, InPixio improves the quality of the image or photo.

InPixio Features

Perspective Tool

It allows straightening buildings and structures that seem crooked, especially in photographs taken from a low angle. Many times, when taking a picture, there is a distortion of perspective when it is not possible to get enough distance from the photographed object.

That is why this tool is especially useful for correcting photographs of buildings.

Insert text and Stickers

Choose from over 100 stickers and insert pre-designed text to add a touch of style to your photos. The gallery includes original content for every occasion (birthdays, invitations, personal messages, etc.). The templates are 100% modifiable so that your messages have that personal touch.

Color LUT effect

Convert your photos into unique creations using the styles of a professional photographer. With just 1 click, your original photo will be transformed and optimized thanks to the selection of LUT options.

Automatic red eye correction

This new 100% automatic technology recognizes the faces in your photos and detects and corrects red-eye in a matter of seconds. Give new life to your portraits and family photos in paper or slide format.

InPixio Photo Studio 10 Pricing

The price of InPixio is normally $79 and the Unlimited Version costs $450

Inpixio Photo Studio Limited Edition 93% Discount + 4 Free Bonuses at only $29

InPixio Photo Studio 10 Special Offer
InPixio Photo Studio 10 Special Offer

In this Black Friday 2020, InPixio Photo Studio has a super offer with a special seasonal discount in addition to 4 Free Bonuses.

This Limited Edition InPixio Photo Studio 10.3 is included:

  • Photo Eraser 10 – Easily remove unwanted elements from your photos!
  • Photo Cutter 10 – Easily crop your photos and create photo collages in just a few clicks
  • Photo Editor 10 – Create beautiful photos – with 1 click
  • Photo Focus 4 Pro – Improve the sharpness of your photos
  • Photo Maximizer 5 Pro – High-precision zoom without loss of quality

The 4 Free Bonuses are:

InPixio Special Edition Free Bonus
InPixio Special Edition Free Bonus

BONUS] 1. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Easily recover lost or deleted photos and videos $39.99 – FREE

BONUS] 2. Easy Video Creator

Easy creation of high quality videos $19.99 – FREE

BONUS] 3. Easy SlideShow Creator

Easily create your photo slideshow with text and music $19.99 – FREE

BONUS] 4. Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Find and delete duplicate or similar photos in only 3 steps $49.99 – FREE

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to purchase several Photo and Video Editing Products from the Official InPixio Website, since once purchased you have a lifetime license and the updates are automatic.

Get InPixio Photo Studio 10 Limited Edition, at a Special Price of $29 + 4 Free Bonus from the Official Website by clicking here.

My Review of InPixio Photo Studio 10

It’s a software that removes unwanted objects from an image or photo in an easy way, you can achieve the same result with Photoshop, but it requires more work and you have to know how to use the advanced tools.

Another tool that I highlight of InPixio Photo Studio 10 is the ease with which it removes the backgrounds of any photo, using the Cutter tool you can make incredible photo montages or simply put a white background for photos of products from online stores, a white background makes the product stand out better.

The price is very affordable compared to other tools where you have to pay a monthly fee for similar functions.

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