July 13, 2024

Best Audio to Text Converter Online

High accuracy audio to text converter software

For a while, I have been looking for an excellent Audio to text Converter, trying different software and platforms, getting to find fantastic software that has high accuracy in recognizing the words of any audio or video.

You are probably in the same situation I was in, frustrated for not finding a good tool with acceptable accuracy.

Personally, the software I will tell you about has worked great for me; it usually recognizes 95% of the words where you only have to make some tweaks to get your transcription ready.

Descript, Best Audio to text Converter

Transcribe audio to text automatically
Transcribe audio to text automatically

The software I work with is Descript; this tool works with an AI that automatically generates the Text of any audio or video; you just have to drag your audio or video file to the dashboard. In a few minutes, you have all the Text.

The handling of this platform is effortless, and I can summarize it in 4 steps:

  1. Create a new Project
  2. Import or drag your file to the platform.
  3. Start the Audio to text converter
  4. Download the Text in the format you want.

It’s amazing how this software can save you many hours of work, or at least that’s how it was in my case.

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Convert mp3 to Text

Descript accepts any audio format and is the most used in any project, which is the .mp3 format.
I wanted to clarify this function because many people are looking to transcribe mp3 audio files to Text.

How to Transcribe Audio file to Text

To see how this audio to Text Converter works, we will convert an audio file in mp3 format to Text.

The mp3 file that we are going to use in this example is this one

Rules of the Basketball (Audio Example)
  1. First, we have to access Descript creating an account by clicking the button below.

2. The second step is to create a project with any name.

audio to text converter software
Audio to Text Converter Software

3. As a third step, we drag our file to the field where the software says “Drag and drop audio or video to transcribe” and let the software do its job.

Convert mp3 to text
Convert mp3 to text

Once we have the Text, we can do all the editing we need, which will take us a few minutes.

Audio to text converter online
Audio to text converter online
Transcribing Audio to text
Transcribing Audio to text

4. Finally, when we have reviewed the Text, we can export the file in any following formats: .txt or .srt.

Bets audio to text Converter online
Bets audio to text Converter online

Advantages of transcribing voice to Text

Note that the .srt format is used to add subtitles to videos, so Descript also works as an automatic subtitle generator and is one of the functions I have used the most.

Before Descript, I used to hire another person to transcribe and add subtitles to my videos, and this person didn’t charge cheap; since it’s a time-consuming job, I had no choice but to pay for that service. But now I add subtitles to all my videos myself since when you generate the .srt file, you can edit any detail in it, even translate it to a foreign language and add it to your projects.


Without a doubt, Descript is one of the best apps that transcribe audio or video files; it was a pleasant surprise to discover this tool and the precision with which it recognizes each word, but converting audio to Text is only one of its functions. You can also use Descript to add voiceovers to your videos, use the editor and finish your project on the same platform.

Don’t hesitate to try the Descript platform; you can save a lot of time and money on transcribers and subtitlers.

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