July 13, 2024

Most Realistic Voice Over Generator

Human-Like Voice Over Generator Software

I was pleasantly surprised to learn about this voice over generator software with very interesting features, which I want to tell you about below.

Most voice generators do not sound 100% real; some sound more artificial than others; however, today, I want to show you a software that surprised me when I heard it; the truth is that the voices have a very natural intonation that can easily pass as a natural human voice.

We know how expensive it can be to hire the services of a person to put a voice to our video; that is why many companies have endeavoured to create a Voice Over Generator that resembles as closely as possible a natural human voice.

This article will review the Descript Platform, powerful cloud-based software that works with AI to generate voices that sound very natural and almost like a human voice.

Descript, Voice Over Generator

Best Human-Like Voice Over Generator Software
Best Human-Like Voice Over Generator Software

Descript is an all-in-one video editor that makes editing as easy as editing a Word document.

I have been working with this tool for a long time, and I can say that the strongest point of Descript is the transcription of videos, the generation of subtitles and closed captions automatically.

But this time, we will focus on the Text To Speech feature it has integrated.

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How to Convert Text to Speech with Descript

I find the Descript applications very interesting; you have the options to use both male and female voices and choose if you want it to sound neutral, angry, happy, sad, etc.

Right now, you can start converting any text to voice, and for that, I am going to list all the steps you have to follow below:

  1. first step, you have to log in to Descript, create an account with a valid email, and then download the Descript application.

2. Create a new project, give it any name, and that’s it; you have the panel to add any text you want to convert to speech.

Start a Project in Descript
Start a Project in Descript

3. Add, or copy and paste any text.

Voice Over Generator
Voice Over Generator

4. Choose the voice you want, as indicated in the images below.

Choose a Voice

5. Export the audio file to add it to your video.

Export your voice over generated
Export your voice over generated

If you have followed these steps, you will have noticed how easy it is to use Descript to convert text to speech, but if you prefer to watch a tutorial, watch the video below.

Convert Text to Speech with Descript (Video Tutorial)

Is Descript Free Voice Over Generator?

Yes, or at least so far. It’s amazing how a tool with these amazing features has a Premium plan with no time limit but some limitations.

If you need to use more of Descript’s features, you have to purchase a Plan.

Descript plans and prices are very affordable, ranging from $12 for the Creator version and $24 for the Pro version.

Descript pricing and plans
Descript pricing and plans

All the features you have in both plans are summarized in this image

More Descript Features

As I mentioned before, Descript is not just a Voice Over Generator software but rather a complete video editor.

Descript’s Overdub function makes it feel like magic. You can put a text document into the editor, choose an Overdub stock voice, and voila, you’ve got an immediate conversation.

To take it a step further, this is where Overdub shines. You may record your voice and speech patterns to create a pre-recorded voice.

This has a lot of potential applications.

For instance, I may replace the terms if I want to modify a word or phrase in a recording I made yesterday but don’t have time to re-record it. It will sound like me, saying the new words I wrote in, thanks to my Overdub voice.

I may use Descript to copy and paste old blog articles and other writings. Then I may produce audio files by selecting my pre-recorded voice.


It was a pleasant surprise to have found this software, as it helps me a lot in the creation of my videos; it was very difficult to add subtitles, but with Descript, that task is very easy with a few clicks, and the best thing is that it also generates the .srt file.

The amount of money and time you can save is incredible; adding subtitles or transcribing videos is difficult, and doing it yourself is exhausting.

I invite you to try Descript’s other features as well, and you will see that it can be a very useful tool if you are working on video creation.

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