April 20, 2024

Builderall Affiliate: Earn money every month

Builderall Affiliate

Builderall Affiliate is one of the best affiliate programs on the net, mainly because of the potential to earn more commissions with a system of up to 2 Tier, which means that you not only earn commissions for recommending Builderall but also, you earn commissions when a referral of yours also gets a new customer for Buiderall.

That is why this Digital Marketing tool became so popular because apart from being an excellent platform to create sales funnels, courses, create membership sites, build contact lists, do email marketing, and more, you can also earn money month to month with Builderall Affiliate Program.

How Builderall Affiliate Works?

Make money Builderall Affiliate

Builderall Affiliate is different from other affiliate programs on the internet because it gives many more benefits to its affiliates, which we will explain with an example below:

Builderall Affiliate Commission

builderall affiliate program
Earn Commissions with Builderall

Commissions for direct sales

  • The first commission of 100%, if you capture a customer or user, the first payment made by this user will be credited to your wallet as commission. If the user purchases the $69.90 plan the same $69.90 goes as commission to you (there is a small discount so you get $67.20, or something similar).
  • From the second month on, you receive 30% of the payments made by that user until he/she decides to stop paying for any of the Builderall plans.

Builderall 2 Tier Commissions

Imagine that a client that you recommended directly to Builderall, decides to also promote this tool as an affiliate and gets a new client.

  • That person will receive a 100% commission the first month and for you, there will be nothing.
  • In the second month, that same person will receive a 30% commission, and you will also receive a 30% commission where Builderall will only keep the remaining 40%.

I hope that with this small example it is clear how Builderall Affiliate works.

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Builderall Affiliate Login

If you want to access Builderall Affiliate, simply follow this link, enter your email address, create a password and that’s it.

Once you are in the Builderall Dashboard, you have to go to the “Affiliates” section where you will find all the affiliate links you have to promote Builderall, like the link for the default page, the link for the promotion of the Premium plan for 1 dollar for 30 days, etc.

Builderall Affiliate Calculator

If you want to know how much you can earn with Builderall Affiliate, the same platform has a calculator that simulates the amount of money you can earn with Builderall.

Enter a number of affiliates you estimate you can bring in per month, and in turn, how many people your affiliates can bring in as new customers for the 2 Tier commissions, and this way you have an approximate of the earnings you could make.

How to Promote Builderall

how to promote builderall
Promote Builderall

To promote Builderall you can apply many strategies, using organic traffic and paid traffic.
In free traffic we can highlight that the most efficient way and that has worked best for people who promote Builderall, including me, is by creating a Youtube channel.

A Youtube channel where you show new things about Builderall, focusing on something that not many do is a very good strategy to promote Builderall.

Another strategy with free traffic is that you create a blog like this, for that you need a little SEO knowledge, you just need to inform people.

In paid traffic, you can opt for Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Do not forget that to Promote Builderall, you do not need to have an active Payment Plan, you can promote Builderall totally Free.

On Youtube, you can also find a lot of information about strategies that work to promote Builderall successfully and thus earn a salary passively each month.

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