July 13, 2024

3 Free Squeeze Page Templates

Free Squeeze page templates

In this Blog get Free Squeeze Page Template or Landing Page templates fully editable and customizable with one of the best platforms to build sales funnels.

The platform on which we work our Squeeze page template is an excellent Digital Marketing tool, as it has a Drag and Drop builder easy to handle, with which you can build amazing Landing Pages and complete Sales Funnels, including automation with Email Marketing.

This platform is Systeme, the same that already contains several templates that can be edited as you wish, and I just used as a base some of these templates.

Why is a landing page important?

Free Squeze page Templates
Free Squeze page Templates

A landing page is important because it is a specific page designed to welcome visitors to a website and guide them to perform a specific action, such as filling out a form, purchasing a product or subscribing to a newsletter.

It is an effective tool for converting visitors into leads or customers. It can also help measure the performance of an advertising or marketing campaign.

Best Free Landing Page Builder

Systeme.io is an all-in-one platform that helps businesses create and launch their Digital Marketing campaigns.

It provides users with several tools to help them manage their online business, such as landing page builder, sales funnel builder, email automation, and affiliate program management.

This platform has a Free plan that gives you access to the landing page builder and the other applications with no time limit, you can even add your domain.

You can create professionally designed landing pages in minutes, thanks to the Drag and Drop builder.

Here’s how you can access and customize the squeeze page templates we build with the Systeme.io platform.

How to get these Free Squeeze Page Template

editable landing page templates
Free Squeeze Page Template

To access, Edit, and Customize the Landing Page Templates, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the “Get Landing Page” button, then you will be redirected to a page (Systeme’s home page) where you have to enter a valid email address as you then have to confirm the activation.
create a free account in Systeme io
Create Free Account

2. After entering your email address, check your inbox and confirm activation.

active your account
Active your account

Once you confirm the activation you have your Landing Page totally free and now you can start making the changes you want.

Customize, Edit your Free Landing Page

Systeme’s platform allows you to easily edit and customize these templates, simply drag and drop with the mouse the elements you want to add, change text, change the size, change color, add a button, etc.

Note that the elements are displayed on the left side of your screen, and to change the settings of each element you have to click on the gear, thus showing you the customization options available to you.

You don’t really need to consult tutorials to learn how to edit a Squeeze Page template created with Systeme, with a little practice you will be creating from scratch your own Landing Pages as if you were a professional.

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Download Free Squeeze Page Template

As I mentioned before, to access these Landing Pages you just have to click on the buttons that indicate “Get this Landing Page“.

Clickbank affiliate Landing Page: Prodentim

If you work as an affiliate promoting ClickBank products, you will certainly need a bridge page for your campaigns.

Free Squeeze page template

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Landing Page

Do you have an Online Store or Ecommerce and want to create a campaign for a new product that has just arrived?

The following Landing Page is ideal to make known that new product that will arouse people’s interest and they will want to know more about your other products.

Free Squeeze page Template

Lead Magnet Free Landing Page

Lead magnets are the best way to capture leads every day, you just have to show an offer that they can’t miss, an Ebook with relevant information works very well.

Free Squeeze page Template

Add Email Marketing Automation

In addition to the Free Landing Page Templates, once inside the Systeme Digital Marketing platform you can add an email marketing automation since Systeme already comes with the Autoresponder tool integrated.

email marketing with systeme
Add Email Marketing

Creating automation is uncomplicated, to access the Autoresponder tool you have to click on the top menu in the “Automations” section.

email campaign with systeme
Automation with Systeme

More Features of Systeme, Best Clickfunnels Alternative

Best Clickfunnels Alternative
Best Clickfunnels Alternative

Note that by accessing the Landing Page Templates, you already have a free account with no expiration limit on the Systeme platform, with which you can do many interesting things, among which you can do is that you can create a contact list of up to 1000 contacts.

In addition to building sales funnels, Landing Pages, or Squeeze Pages you can also create a Blog, Configure an Upsell or Downsell with a click, Launch a webinar, create a digital product and add it to the MarketPlace of the same platform, etc.

Undoubtedly it is the best platform to grow your digital business, even their payment plans are the lowest on the internet, if we compare with other similar platforms that are more popular in the market as Clickfunnels, Kartra, Kajabi, etc., seeing what you can create with Systeme, you are paying a very good price.

Soon I will be creating new Squeeze page Templates, which will be free as well.
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Systeme.io Pricing and Plans

Systeme.io has a free lifetime plan that has some limitations, but if you need to unlock more features and functions we recommend you to take a look at their paid plans: Systeme.io Princing and Plans

Final Word

There are many platforms that help you create Free Squeeze page templates, however, I think that Systeme.io’s website builder is one of the best, both for the ease with which you learn to use it and master it in a short time, or for the solutions it gives you.

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