May 27, 2024

How to Write an Effective Sales Letter

how to Write a Sales Letter

Just as to attract traffic to a website or blog, you have to plan a content marketing strategy. If you want your visitors to become leads and these, in turn, become customers, you will have to precisely define the entire sales process.

Do you know of any formula to convert a visitor to your website into a customer at the moment they begin to show interest in your brand?

In this post, we will see the importance of a good sales letter copywriting at the time of closing purchase or contract, as well as the different elements that constitute it.

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What is Sales Letter?

How to write a sales letter
How to write a sales letter

When we talk about a sales letter (or web sales page), we mean a text focused on the exposure and sale of a product or service.

It is composed of different hierarchical parts that have a specific function; to dispel all kinds of doubts and to direct the user towards the final conversion.

It is a text or graphic aimed at potential customers, which has the function of informing them about the different features and benefits of a particular product or service.

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Sales Letter Structure

Knowing each of the elements that make up a sales letter is essential to achieve an effective sales letter. And, to do this, it is essential to apply powerful and persuasive writing to each of its elements.

Let’s see in detail each of the parts that make up a sales letter:

Header or title

Even if your offer is attractive and your arguments convincing, this is of no use if you do not care about creating original titles.

The big secret to getting exciting headlines is to offer a solution or to alleviate a reader’s distress or concern.

So, when writing a headline with a hook, I suggest you keep these recommendations in mind:

  • Offer a promise you can keep.
  • Create a sense of urgency with expressions of alarm.
  • Arouse curiosity with an intriguing message.
  • Make a unique offer.
  • Share credible information

Finally, before you give the go-ahead to your final title, I recommend that you ask yourself the following questions about what you convey about your offer:

Is it useful?
Is it unique?
Is it specific?

Subtitle or informative text

After the headline, your mission will be to maintain that interest generated in the headline, by introducing an idea (strong point) that will be the one that predominates throughout the sales letter.

Therefore, the product should not be talked about here, but the reasons why that product will satisfy a need or problem to that customer are given.

For example:

“The program that will help you say goodbye to your financial problems”, “Take the leap and start investing in your well-being”, “If more than 20 thousand professionals have achieved real results with this course, you can too”

Benefits in a sales letter

When including the benefits, you have to think about how the user will imagine his life to be when he solves his problem thanks to your product or service.

Here you must make it clear that you are solving a real need or problem, so in your copy, you must always apply empathy and focus on arousing curiosity a little before revealing those benefits.

Something that works very well is to include bullets with all the specific benefits. At this point, it is important that:

  • Attacks on points of pain.
  • Different solutions stand out.
  • Show the results your offer promises.

In short, you must show the user that what you offer is unique and that only you can alleviate your problems. Some formulas to attract attention:

  • Discount or privilege for a limited time.
  • The solution to an urgent or seasonal problem.
  • Secrets, strategies, or methodologies are infallible.
  • Storytelling and proven success stories.


write a video sales letter
Sales Letter testimonials

In the body of a sales letter, testimonials are an important part to be taken into account (and fundamental, I would say).

Testimonials from former customers are proof that what you offer really works. Therefore, the objective of sharing them is none other than to give credibility to the offer stated in the sales letter.

Call to action

Calls to action have the function of inciting the user to take action; subscription, phone call, network follow-up, purchase…

Normally, in a sales letter, the call to action is used to inform the user about the price of the product or service that is being promoted in that offer, always with a countdown or urgency signal to contract at the best price (now or never).

Other non-textual elements

In addition to the power of words, other important elements in a sales letter are visuals:

Images: When you make an offer and talk about the characteristics of that product in a sales letter, the reader will feel more confident if he sees through his own eyes, with quality images, the product he is about to buy. Since they can’t touch it, they will want to make sure the product meets their expectations and your promise.

Videos: Visual content is generating a great attraction for all Internet users. A video can explain in detail all the capabilities of a product or your training to offer a service. Something that will undoubtedly encourage the purchase, making the user participate.

Carousel of related products or services: The more options you offer (with up-selling techniques), the more opportunities you will have to capture the attention of a user, who is increasingly demanding, given the great competition in the market.

Outstanding tip: In the case that you promote a service, a good idea before closing the sale is to offer the user an additional related service, which is of value, and which pushes them to make the final purchase decision. Why sell $100 when you can sell $2000?

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Automate the Process of Write Sales Letters

Automatic Sales Letter Creator
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