July 13, 2024

How to do Email Marketing and Examples

Email Marketing For Beginners

I will explain to you what Email marketing is, I will give you some examples, what good practices you should follow when doing your email marketing and in the end, I will talk to you about the best Email Marketing Software.

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is about sending mass emails to a contact list, email marketing is a mix of communication with our potential customers, clients, or leads and direct marketing because we communicate directly with them.

Why do many still use Email Marketing Platforms?

Email marketing is a very old tool in marketing, but it is still one of the most effective today. When we use it to capture leads or to build customer loyalty, email marketing is one of the most profitable and effective actions, especially when we talk about ROI.

Therefore many people and companies make use of specialized platforms in email marketing because they automate this process of sending emails in a very personalized way.

Email Marketing Best Practices

email marketing best practices
Email Marketing Best Practices

It is a super easy and effective way to reach our potential customers, and not only in the inbox of the computer but from the mobile as well, because almost 50% of emails are opened from mobile devices and while I’m on the subject, I remind you that if you do email marketing is very important that the designs are responsive, ie, that is perfectly suited to mobile.

With email marketing, you can really respond to a very large variety of marketing objectives, because it is still a tool for communication with the user and therefore we can adapt the content to our objectives.

For example, We can use it to develop the relationship already created with our customers, send the newsletters of new products, the newsletter of the services we offer, we can use it to create loyalty with discounts, we can simply get feedback by asking for feedback or recommendations, or you can simply send an email to confirm a purchase, thanking your customer for having made the purchase.

But the most important thing is that by creating this communication and sending them news with news of your brand, you will get to be in their top of mind that is to say that they will have your brand present in their mind and when they want to buy a product or service related to yours, they will surely come to you.

A very interesting thing about email marketing is that your future clients must have a predisposition for them to want to receive your emails, but it is not enough to send mass emails without distinction to their entire database, but you must segment your database and from there send the content that will interest each of your potential customers.

Even if it is Direct Marketing, as the user is predisposed, it is a non-invasive technique and we can adapt the content to each consumer and segment. Thus the ROI (return on investment) will be higher, that is, with little investment, we can get great results.

What is the Secret Email System?

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How to do Email Marketing

email marketing examples
Email Examples

Now I’m going to explain about the types of emails that there are, the most common ones sent and that you can apply it to your email marketing strategy, we will also talk about some examples of real emails so you can see what works and what doesn’t.

Types of Emails

The first type is lead capture emails, that is, they serve to attract new clients to our brand, it is a cold traffic strategy (Cold traffic refers to people who know nothing about the existence of your brand or offer), obviously, this type of email is of interest to you if you are looking for new customers at this time.

The second type of email would be Newsletters, which serve to maintain contact with users and inform them of news, the status of the company, for example, the launch of a new product or changes in purchasing a policy.

The third type of Email is the administrative emails, which are the ones you receive for example when you make a purchase and you receive an email that the purchase has been successful, or for example when a user subscribes to the content of your website and receives an electronic Ebook to download.

The fourth very common example is loyalty emails, that is when you make a purchase on a website, surely after a few days, weeks, or even months you receive an email again offering a new similar product or offers, these loyalty emails serve to repeat the user in new purchases.

Examples of Branded Email Marketing

Now let’s talk about the examples of emails from Marca, but first I want you to keep this data in mind:
35% of emails are opened according to the Subject, that is, to see the importance of a simple sentence determines 35%, you must think hard about which sentence will attract your users the most to encourage them to open the email.

One piece of advice is to make the subject line as personalized as possible, that is to say,
That instead of:
“New Products For November”
“New products for you”
“Discover these offers designed for you”

Another really important piece of information is that 69% of emails marked as SPAM are categorized by the wrong subject. If your subject sounds like SPAM it will probably end up in the spam folder.

Let’s see the real examples of emails and I want you to notice one thing, and that is that, in all the emails, the visual style of each brand is followed and you will be able to recognize it very easily.

By this, I mean that it is very important that your emails follow the colors and styles of your brand, as this will make your user easily recognize your brand, as it is not on your website but in the mailbox so it is very important that your brand personality is embodied in the mail.

Example #1

The first example is from Vimeo, and it is an email they launched in 2017 recapitulating everything they had achieved that year, that is, it is a Newsletter to keep in touch with the user.

email marketing examples
email marketing examples
Vime Email Markemting Example

They talked for example about that they had made lives for the first time among others and what I want you to notice in this mail is that it is a very dynamic and fun example, that is, this mail surely wouldn’t have had the same interest if they had limited themselves to write a paragraph or two, but instead they manage to make it very attractive with the images they have chosen, so in summary don’t limit yourself to the words, but also use the images and videos, use all the resources that exist so that you can create an attractive email at sight.

Example #2

The following example is from Netflix announcing the new season of Black Mirror, as you can see it is totally adapted to the mobile, it is a responsive email which is what I want you to notice from this example.

netflix email marketing example
netflix email marketing example
Netflix Email Marketing Example

It is super well thought out because just by opening it you can add the season to see the time or add it to your list. In addition, if you slide down you also have the option to see the chapter 1, 2, or 3 with a small thumbnail that shows you a little of what the chapter is about, almost without paragraphs has managed to transmit as you can see the series.

Example #3

The following example is an email from Google explaining the functions you can perform. This example is great for talking about valuable content, when you send an email it is very important that there is a context that the user is aware that he is receiving the email for some specific reason, before you start sending meaningless emails, think well about what your potential customer is expecting from you, what he is wondering? or what he needs at that moment?

content value email marketing
google email marketing with content value
Google Email Marketing with content value

Finding a context may seem difficult, but it really isn’t. For example, you can take advantage of Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and other holidays to send an offer with a special discount that will only be available for those holidays.

It is also a good practice to send emails with valuable content, collecting information that is of interest to a specific list.

If you have a list that is interested in cars, you can send information on how to best take care of their engine, emails so they generate more interest in your potential customers.

Example #4

Another example that I personally see as effective and I like it very much is this example of Mcdonald’s, Mcdonald’s sent this email as a thank you to all the health care personnel who are making a huge effort in these days of the pandemic, inviting people who work in health care to eat, who by presenting their health care personnel card would receive the food for free.

thank you email marketing example
Thank You email Marketing Example
Macdonal’s Thank You Email Marketing

But where’s the catch?

This email was received by a large part of their database, and not just the healthcare workers, so Mcdonald’s is showing that it is doing a good deed in times of pandemic, keeping its mark on the top of mind of its customers.

The paragraphs are very clear, there are only two paragraphs little letter but it is perfectly understood, also thanks to the images and also the colors make a very good contrast to separate the different parts of the email marketing and follow completely the visual style of Mcdonald’s.

You have to take into account that users spend very few seconds reading your email, and if at a glance they can not understand what you are communicating or what step you want to follow, like clicking a button, you will lose many sales.

Example #5

The last example is from Nike, where it announces the summer collection, as you can see it is a super simple email but very aesthetic and clear.

With a single glance, you know that he is talking about the summer collection and the images show the products very clearly. Your CTA is super segmented, it goes directly to the men’s clothing section of the web, therefore, you also segment a lot and customize the emails as much as you can, and if you can send simple, aesthetic emails with good image quality with a very clear message and also a CTA (Call To Action) very clear so that the user does everything you are expecting.

nike email marketing example

So far with the examples, I hope that with all the information I’ve given you now you will be able to make a very good email marketing strategy and remember to make attractive emails with good subjects and brand personality and so surely you will pass the barrier, and get your lists of potential customers, and customers read all the emails you send and thus generate many more sales and/or conversions.

Best Email Marketing Service

Best Email marketing Platform
Best Email marketing Platform

There are many email marketing platforms, but the software that best suits the needs of small and large businesses is Getreponse.

If you want to create a Professional Email Marketing campaign with Getreponse you can create email marketing automation, create custom lists, and then send personalized emails for each offer.

It is easy to set up the automation and its cost is the most convenient since other platforms like Active Campaign are more expensive.

In terms of quality and price, Getreponse is the best option to start your email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Software Getrepsonse Pricing

Getresponse prices start at $15 per month, depending on the size of your list you will be able to choose the best option for your business.

email marketing software pricing

You can try Getresponse for 30 days and create your email marketing campaigns from now on.

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