July 13, 2024

Youtube SEO for Beginners: 6 Tips

Youtube SEO for beginners

Youtube Seo for beginners is a basic and essential guide to get your videos shown to thousands of people who are on Youtube looking for a solution or looking to be entertained.

For a video to reach the top positions in YouTube search results and in the recommendations made by the platform, you need more than just quality content and good editing, you need to take into account other factors and tips to make your videos rank better.

Youtube SEO for Beginners

youtube seo 2021

If you are starting out as a Youtuber, maybe this is what you have not noticed so far. So that you can start working on the SEO of your YouTube videos, today we will give you 6 basic tips that you should definitely consider if you want to get better performance:

Youtube Seo Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is fundamental since they will determine in which searches the video will appear. In this sense, you should follow some tips to select keywords that are very similar to when you do it for Google searches.

Keywords have been one of the main pillars of SEO since the creation of modern search engines. SEO has evolved over time as engines have refined how they read results and the key factors for SEO in 2021 are no longer the same as they were a few years ago. As keyword tracking has become more complicated, new ways and better tools for YouTube SEO have emerged that allow the user to find and track certain terms.

Keyword tracking involves using software to monitor specific sets of keywords on an ongoing basis.

Why monitor keywords?

Because it is the only way to track SEO strategy and know if a keyword is growing organically.

What metrics matter?

When tracking keywords there are four basic metrics to consider:

Visibility: generally represented on a scale from 0 to 100% and is an estimate of the organic visibility of the keywords used on the site.

Position: Defined by the position of the page in Google or in the search engine with which the user works.

Search volume: The volume of monthly searches

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Youtube SEO 5 Best practices

1. Keyword List

This is the most traditional method: making a list. This method is the most used in search engines like Google, and it works almost the same for Youtube, if you choose the right keywords, your videos will be shown in the first positions of Google and Youtube.

An SEO report for a simple listing will have a graph of visibility trends, search volume, and a table with the performance of the word, for this, you can make use of the Kwfinder tool that shows you all the graphs and trends.

You can also use Videly, which is a tool specialized in searching for keywords on Youtube, it suggests the titles and descriptions that could better position your videos.

When you have your complete list of keywords, if it is very extensive, you can filter all the words on the list and keep only those with low competition, since they will be the easiest to position, to begin with.

Kwfinder marks in green those keywords that are the easiest to rank for.

Finally, it is important to say the keyword once or several times during the video, as YouTube performs automatic transcriptions of the video and takes into account that this term is mentioned.

2. Optimize videos for Google

When searching for any term on Google, videos often appear among the first search results. This is because Google prioritizes videos in certain searches, usually those containing the question “how to…”. Therefore, for review videos, tutorials, and also for videos related to sports topics, it is important to take care of SEO optimization for Google, in order to be shown in the search engine results, which will attract many visitors.

3. SEO OnPage

Optimizing a video for YouTube is not so different from optimizing a post for a blog. In this sense, it is necessary to take care of the tags, since YouTube must also include titles and descriptions.

4. Optimize retention

One of the main factors for positioning a video on YouTube is user retention. If someone views the video from beginning to end, YouTube’s algorithm receives the signal that the video answers a question and that its content is of quality, so it will show it more times.

To improve user retention, avoid long introductions and do not insert advertising in this space. It is better to use the introduction to make a quick summary of everything the user will find in the video.

Finally, users should be invited to leave comments. To do this, a simple “please like and comment” is not enough. It is necessary to involve users, either by asking for their opinion on one of the topics in the video or by focusing the topics in a way that invites users to leave comments and make recommendations.

5. Improve the channel

Improving the channel not only requires a good cover and profile image. It is also necessary to place keywords in as many parts as possible and pay special attention to the description of the video, which should be as clear as possible.

6. Tools for SEO on Youtube

There are specialized free tools for Youtube SEO, which shows a lot of information about keywords: the most viewed videos for the term, related words, and much more, but there are also paid tools to search for keywords that will help you in the process of locating the most suitable ones for your content. Similarly, you can manually search YouTube’s own search engine and see the content suggestions it returns.

Free YouTube SEO Tools

VidIQ is one of the Chrome extensions that shows you a lot of data such as average views for a keyword, ranking difficulty, and video interaction percentage.

youtube seo for beginners

I can’t recommend other free tools because most of them ask you for special authorizations to monitor your channel, which I don’t find reliable.

Paid Youtube SEO Tools

To search for keywords that you can include in the titles and descriptions of your videos Kwfinder is one of the best platforms, both for the simplicity of handling, and the data it shows in terms of graphs.

youtube ranking optimization

You can easily find which words are easier to position in the first places of Youtube and Google, as it marks you with green color.

Another excellent platform to find titles, tags, and descriptions that are not very competitive, but at the same time have a high search volume is the Videly Tool, this platform is more focused on Youtube, it shows which videos and titles are the best to include in your videos.

youtube seo for beginners 2021
Youtube SEO for Beginners best Tool

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