June 13, 2024

Realistic Text to Speech

online text to speech

One software for generating online text to Speech with natural voices is Speechelo, with its cloud technology and Artificial Intelligence it can be used online on Mac and Windows devices.

Speechelo is the best human voice generator text to speech, which despite using robot voices is very close to a natural human voice. Without a doubt, it is now the best text to speech app that facilitates the work of many contents and video creators.

Most Realistic text to Speech?

It is very easy to use Speechelo since you simply have to enter the text you want to convert to speech in the field it indicates, then you have the option to choose between several voices: male voice, female voice, or kid’s voices.

Speechelo dashboard
Speechelo Dashboard

Not only do you have the option to choose between male and female voices, but you can also choose a foreign language from the 23 languages you have Speechelo.

realistic text to speech

Speechelo text to speech generator converts the audio files into mp3 which you can then add to any video using the most popular editing programs such as Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, or any program that allows you to add audio to your videos.

In the Speechelo dashboard there is the option to add spaces and pauses to add that naturalness to make it even more like a human voice.

text to speech generator


Add the text in the field, choose the voice, set the pauses to get a more natural and human voice


When the conversion is finished you can download the mp3 file, and then take it to any video editor

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Text to speech human voices (Demo)

Text to Speech Generator Demo

Advantages of Speechelo

Speechelo makes it easy for you to convert text to speech online in just a few minutes, saving you a lot of money because you no longer have to hire a speaker to lend you his voice for your projects. In the meantime, with Speechelo you can create as many projects as you want in an unlimited way.

There is another free text to speech software on the web that generates text to speech but the voice is very robotic, nothing natural, which will sound bad, and those who listen to that audio will find it annoying and will leave the site or video.

Certainly, a real human voice is best when creating engagement, but the voices that Speechelo generates are very close to a natural human voice that many would not notice the difference.

You can have a greater reach on Youtube or any other video platform by creating videos with a foreign language like it: Spanish, Italian, French, etc. This way your campaigns will be more globalized and obviously you will get more visits and sales.

Speechelo Pricing

Compared to other tools and software that have less features than Speechelo and also ask you to pay a monthly fee for using their platform Speechelo is very competitive and economical.

With the basic version it is more than enough to start with some projects, but if you are going to want to unlock all the voices contained in the Speechelo Software you will have to opt for the Pro version.

Special Offer One Time Payment
No Montly Fees

The price of Speechelo with the special discount is $47, the creators indicate that this one-time price will not be available forever as it is a special launch price.

If you want to unlock the Pro version of Speechelo you have to spend an additional $47, but this version is already more complete.

How to Make Money with Speechelo?

In Fiverr they offer this service of converting text to Speech from $40 to $250 or more, with Speechelo you can offer this service in the same Fiverr or other platforms like Peopleperhour, and many more that are in the Internet.

how to make money with speechelo
Make Money with Speechelo

Realistic text to Speech – Speechelo Review

The voices generated by app with Speechelo I.A. are excellent, very natural. However, I highly recommend the Pro version which enables the full functions of the software, because this way all male and female voices are enabled.

Speechelo is the incredible new Text To Speech software that actually sounds like Real People with pauses, tone, inflection – so much so that you are hard put to tell that it’s not a Real Person.

In just a few clicks you can have natural sounding Voice-overs for your videos.

It’s available at an incredible low price, Just listen to the app, in action in the Official Site.

Visit now the Official Site of Speechelo and get a super time-limited offer, ▷ ▷ ▷ go to the Official Site now.

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