May 27, 2024

How to Grow Your Youtube Channel Fast

how to grow your youtube channel fast

If you have already created your channel it is the first step, but now, how to grow your youtube channel? In this article I will analyze 2 strategies to grow your Youtube channel quickly and other tips you have to take into consideration.

How to grow on youtube

how to grow your youtube channel fast

To upload content to your Youtube channel you have to focus on these three aspects:

First: Create content constantly and without excuses, which in my experience is easier said than done.

Second: Improve the quality of the content created. In the beginning, regularly the content sucks, and that’s fine, as you create your work routine and start knowing the tools better, improve your confidence, create an identity and develop the habit of creating content for Youtube.

What is not right, is that after 3 or 9 months you have not advanced at all in terms of quality, with practice you will always improve more and more, little by little, but there will be an advance.

Third: The third priority is to grow your channel, get more visits, subscribers, and increase viewing time. You can achieve this in an organic way, with good content, with thumbnails that attract attention, and with a little help from Youtube.

This process, especially at the beginning, usually takes time and that’s why I took the time to investigate which tools can effectively accelerate the growth of your Youtube channel.

I don’t recommend at all that you use platforms like Fiverr, People per Hour, or Microworkers to buy views and likes, because it’s usually Bots who visit your channel and whose promotion will come to nothing.

How to position your Youtube Videos in the first pages without knowing SEO

2 Ways How to Grow your Youtube Channel

The first method to boost your Youtube Channel is with Google and specifically Youtube Ads.
If you already have some experience managing Google Ads this is the best option to give a boost to your Channel, this option is totally legal and you do not run the risk of a penalty.

The results will vary according to your experience with Google Ads, the content of your channel.

The second method is using the Sprizzy tool, this platform creates for you the promotions of your channel using the same Google Ads.

And of course, I also said: “I can do this myself”

But it wasn’t like that

Sprizzy has much more experience in this, knows much better how the Youtube algorithm works, and gets better results in its campaigns.

She certainly has many satisfied customers, meeting their expectations.

You can visit her official website where she has some testimonials and explains how Sprizzy works.

On Sprizzy’s Official Website he has some somewhat exaggerated arguments, which of course is part of the Marketing.

The really interesting thing is in the FAQ section, where he mentions two more important things:

Sprizzy Pricing

As for the price, you can start using Sprizzy with 50 dollars, which will give you 2,000 visits or more says the text, and certainly the results as I told you mostly exceed this number.

Then indicate that all actions: subscribers, likes, clicks on the links located in the descriptions, of your videos, etc., are free. This called my attention, this that Sprizzy offers as FREE, is the consequence of promoting a Youtube Channel in the right way, because, having more views, people subscribe, comment, or click on your links.

Sprizzy offers three different ways of promotion

  • As a commercial, Youtube shows these videos with the option to skip it after 5 seconds.
  • As a recommended video, your video will appear next to similar videos in the right sidebar or below, depending on the device.
  • As a Featured result in the search, Youtube shows your video as the first option on the first page.

This is all part of Sprizzy’s promotional content, but it is still important to know about it, especially if we intend to hire the service.

However, they do give some recommendations of video types to get better results.

If your channel targets a very small niche or very specific micro niches you will not get the results that Sprizzy promises.

My Final Opinion

If you are doing some kind of marketing, I recommend you learn how to manage Youtube Ads yourself, although at first, you may throw money away, you will keep the experience and learning how to manage paid ads.

How to grow your youtube channel fast, using the Sprizzy platform is a good option, mostly because they have more experience, since they promote channels every day.

You don’t run any risk of being penalized by Youtube if you use Sprizzy’s service, the platform uses totally legal methods, complying with Youtube’s guidelines.

Finally, keep in mind that the success of your Channel depends on the quality of the content you upload. If you upload your videos, you will get some comments praising your work, and you like it, you are on the right track.

If, on the other hand, you get no comments and no likes in weeks, it’s time to rethink the niche you’re focusing on.

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