April 20, 2024

How to Get Traffic to your Website

How to get traffic to your website

There are several ways How to Get Traffic to your Website, there is SEO, Social Networking, traffic with Pinterest, but in this article, we are going to talk about one in particular and that is the power of Communities.

In 2019 Cindy Donovan launched an excellent product (software) to drive traffic to your website.
I’m talking about Traffic Ivy, more than a program it’s a reward system to share content from your website in exchange for points.

How does Traffic Ivy work?

how to get traffic to your website
Get more traffic with Traffic Ivy

I will explain it better:

If you have a website or blog, you have to create a campaign in Traffic Ivy, give a small reward with some points to each person who shares your ad created within Traffic Ivy, the points that person earns for sharing your content will also serve to create their own ad and will give the same rewards with the points earned.

When content goes viral on social networks, it has a much greater reach, becoming a snowball that grows and grows. What if one of your posts goes viral, you’ll get massive traffic to your website.

In Traffic Ivy nothing is free, but everyone wins, the people who share win, the people who advertise win because they get more traffic to their website and if you have affiliate links or your page is monetized with AdSense you will get more conversions.

Once you run out of points to promote your website, of course, you can participate by sharing other people’s content on your social networks and then use the same points to create a campaign for you.

Traffic Ivy’s incentive to reward each person who shares published content with points is great.
This system has been in place since 2019 and the Traffic Ivy community is growing.

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How to Get Traffic to your Website with Traffic Ivy

Who can use Traffic Ivy?

Social Media Marketers – Make any content you share go viral, have hundreds of people share your post, link to an article or Twitter comment, or anything you want to get more eyeballs to.

Affiliate Marketers – Create content, post it anywhere you like, and send your affiliate link onto 10’s, 100’s or 1,000’s of sites with a single click. It’s an affiliate marketer’s dream come true!

Ecommerce Marketers – Got an E-Commerce store? Let Traffic Ivy members spread the word around. You can even put your product posts directly on their blogs or social feeds!

Local Marketers – Traffic Ivy members can share your ads for any business, including local business. It’s far better (and delivers better results) than distributing pamphlets that no one even reads

Website Owners – A website without traffic is like a car you never drive but pay for the parking anyway. You can display banners for more traffic points, or use your points for traffic to your websites

Bloggers – Using the WordPress plugin you can automate content creation and turn your blog into a viral traffic generation machine by also automating the publishing of your new posts for more shares!

Newbie Marketers – You don’t even need to have a website to make this work and with the friendly support team, and a lovely community, you’re in the right place to make your startup thrive

Video Marketers – Our extensive network contains a lot of YouTube accounts, that you can upload YOUR videos directly to – and post whatever you’d like in their description!

SEO Freelancers – We all know how much Google loves relevant, targeted backlinks in high-value blogs… this is your ticket to as many backlinks as you choose, placing your articles on 100’s of blogs!

How to join Traffic Ivy?

To start sending traffic to your website with Traffic Ivy you have to buy points, you can start from the cheapest which is 2000 points to test the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to get started with Traffic Ivy?

A: Just an Internet connection. Traffic Ivy is fully cloud-based. So, just login from anywhere and start driving traffic.

Q: Can you explain this ‘points’ thing again?

A: Traffic Ivy is a collection of blogs and social media sites. Our members (including you, if you like!) are rewarded points when they share your content on their blogs or social media pages. We encourage good quality shares, giving them more points when they’re posting on great pages.

When you purchase today, you’ll get access to our network of members who can share your content on our network of sites. You choose how many points you want to reward them for sharing – and when those points run out, you can buy more – or, you can participate in the community, sharing other people’s content earning points for free.

Q: How much traffic can I expect to get with 5,000 points?

A: Our platform works on a communal marketplace points system, so what you choose to spend it on really comes down to ‘supply and demand’. Some shares are around 5, 10 or 20 points so for 5,000 points you could receive about 200-500 shares. It varies greatly though on the niche your targeting, the amount of content already in that niche and the quality of your own content. Good content gets shared much faster.

With the platform being so new, the actual point prices will fluctuate more than normal, so have a look in the marketplace to get an idea of what others are paying and then work out how quickly you want your traffic and pick your price.

Q: What happens if I don’t want to share community content?

A: The community aspect is definitely valuable, but it’s not compulsory. Some of our members choose to purchase points, rather than earning them by sharing content in the community. If that’s you, I’d recommend grabbing the 10.000 point bundle when you create your account, because while you can buy them later, the prices are quite a bit higher.

Q: Is there a limit to when I need to use my Traffic Ivy points?

A: No, you can use them whenever you need, spend them all at once or save them up for when you need a full-on viral traffic explosion.

Q: Is this like buying traffic?

A: You’re not required to pay for any traffic in our network, other than purchasing your membership bundle today. You can share other people’s content on your social media pages or blogs and then earn shares of your own to be used on our extensive network of established niche blogs.

Q: Do I get training and support?

A: Yes, you’ll get complete access to the traffic generation platform, plus video training, pdf reports and access to over 30 training sessions we’ve recorded together in our previous weekly live training workshops instantly available in your members area and in our friendly Facebook group.

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