May 27, 2024

Social Proof in Marketing

Social Proof in marketing

Social proof is the phenomenon by which people decide what is appropriate to do based on what others do.

Social proof can influence the purchase of a product or service. It is one of those factors that is not given much attention but that influences a person a lot.

Social Proof Definition

Simply put, people tend to do what others do. This applies to when we walk into a new bar and don’t know what the dynamics of the place are, when we have to decide something, when we are faced with many options, etc.

What is Social Proof in Marketing?

The theme of the promotions is that they are short term actions to encourage an action. And because they are short term, social testing is widely used, because the behavior of one group of people can influence another group.

Thinking about the types of promotions in marketing, the example of a price per launch can be a good instrument to use social testing.

Showing the number of people who have already participated in a promotion or launching advertisements that show people participating in the promotion can influence viewers to become part of the promotion as well.

increase your sales with social proof
increase your sales with social Proof

How to use Social Proof to increase sales

A tool that will help you increase conversions on any type of page you need, for example: to get people to subscribe more to a newsletter, get more sales, get more registrations for a webinar, get more conversions on your landing page.

Provely: The Best Alternative to Proof

Provely adds a widget on the bottom left of your web page that appears every time someone visits your landing page or your page where you have configured the Provely code.

In the notification, you indicate how many people visited your website, how long ago, of course, you can customize it further.

For example: If you publish a webinar for only 100 people, the people who see the notification will notice that other people have already subscribed and will take quick action to avoid being left out.

social proof
Social Proof with Provely

Increase Your Conversions with Social Proof

It’s one of the great advantages of using social testing tools like Provely, it increases your conversions and sales considerably.

Provely differentiates itself from its main competitors with the features it has:
You have several notification templates

The translation to different languages, that is, if you use for the Hispanic market, Provely will automatically display the notifications in Spanish.

Among Provely’s options is the option: “Simulated Purchase” where Provely already has a series of names to be displayed and in the time you want so it looks like someone has made a purchase or someone has registered.

Obviously, you don’t have to use this always, but you can use it when you start promotion and you don’t have anyone visiting your Landing page. This will encourage people to buy your product or subscribe.

Why is Provely better than other tools?

  • Provely does not charge you for the number of visits, therefore, you can have unlimited visits, other tools if they give you a limited number of visits.
  • It is very easy to set up on your website or landing page, you just have to add the Script Provely gives you to the Footer or Header of your page.
  • You do not have to make monthly recurring payments for the use of Provely, you only have to pay once and you can already set it up on your landing pages.
  • You have the option to customize and choose the type of Notifications you want to display on your websites.
custom widget in social proof
social proof with Provely

Watch Provely in Action (Demo Video)

Provely Pricing

Compared to its main competitor which is Proof (Use Proof) Provely has a super competitive price, besides it doesn’t charge you for the visits you receive, because if you use the Proof platform, it does charge you for the visits you receive.

social proof provely pricing
Provely Pricing

On the other hand, Proof’s prices are higher

Provely vs Proof
Proof pricing

You can visit Provely Official Site, click here

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